Fuzzy-Faced Bobby Hull Helped Dick Irvin In Practice

Rocket, Frank Selke, and Dick Irvin in deep discussion just before Richard was suspended which led to the infamous 1955 St. Patrick's Day Richard Riot in Montreal

After Dick Irvin’s coaching career ended in Montreal, he joined the Chicago Black Hawks for the 1955-56 season, but his health was in such bad shape during the Hawks’ training camp that year, that, as son Dick Irvin. Jr. told Frank Selke, he had to sit on the sidelines and let 16 year old Bobby Hull, who was still a junior but at the Hawks camp, do the on-ice work for him.

Mr. Irvin died in May of 1957 of bone cancer.

One thought on “Fuzzy-Faced Bobby Hull Helped Dick Irvin In Practice”

  1. Hey Dennis, I geuss that just shows how far advanced Bobby Hull in the beginning of his career.Iremeber my dad taking me to see the Hawks play in Vancouver the first or second year the Canucks were in the League,very quick skater and great stickhandler as well as a booming shot.I remember being quite impressed by Mr. Hull.

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