Futility In Philly

Another tough one to watch. It’s hard to know where to start.

The Canadiens drop a 3-1 decision to the Flyers in Philadelphia on Wednesday, and on paper at least, a 3-1 score looks almost respectable. There’s been 3-1 scores for a hundred years.

But this was no barnburner, no close game with close calls, no “it could have gone either way” game.

It was the Flyers night for sixty minutes. The Canadiens might as well have stayed home and talked football.

How bad were the boys on this night? How about nine shots in the first period, six in the second, and five in the third.

It had to be the airplane food. Or the Philadelphia cheese steaks.

Or maybe about twelve of them are still sulking because they didn’t make an Olympic team, while the eight that did were deciding, when the game was on, how many suits to bring to Sochi.

What’s with this team? Deader than a Texas salad bar. Some nights they’re so completely out of sorts. Uninterested. Boring. I could go on.

If you have a job that pays six or seven figures, being uninterested isn’t an option.

Maybe it’s a subtle form of mutiny against the coach. Or maybe the captain isn’t good at rallying the troops.

And for added enjoyment, when they desperately needed some kind of oomph in the third period, Michel Therrien decided to sit P.K. Subban for several shifts. Did Therrien think Daniel Briere and Rene Bourque and the likes up front would probably get it done? Or maybe the high-powered Subban-less defence?

That’s seven straight losses for the Canadiens in The City of Brotherly Love. It’s ten straight wins for the Flyers. It’s all so very depressing.

With all my heart I hope for a shakeup. A trade. Maybe a Tinordi and Beaulieu call-up. Maybe even, and I know it’s as farfetched as can be and ridiculous to even wish for – a goal or two, and a great game, from Rene Bourque.

Random Notes:

Total shots on goal – Flyers 27, Habs 20. Not a huge margin, but if you saw the game, you know it was.

Peter Budaj in nets came up big several times, which is good. But he’s lost his last three starts, which is bad. Budaj’s record now stands at five wins, five losses, and a shared loss with Carey Price, which is mediocre.

Tomas Plekanec, on a nice pass from Brian Gionta, broke the shutout and gave us hope. But most of his teammates were in a coma and so it was a hopeless hope.

Brandon Prust pummelled Zac Rinaldo in the second period, which could have got things going, but on this night, Angelina Jolie could’ve dance the hula naked at centre ice and the boys still wouldn’t have woken up.

Next up – Oh goody, it’s only the Chicago Blackhawks to contend with on Saturday. Should be no problem there.



15 thoughts on “Futility In Philly”

  1. With 3 injured forwards on the active roster, we ended up playing with 7 defencemen. I don’t know why we didn’t call up someone from Hamilton; my only guess is that we’re playing it cheap to conserve cap space. Hopefully this won’t last, even if Parros is able to return. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Thomas can do for us.

  2. coach got it in for P.K. again– benches him to teach a lesson. Easier to grab one player then to try reach the whole team = easier to GET RID of one person than try reaching the whole team!!! Coach Thornbush is class-less, useless,pain to the Habs. His “teaching” skills should apply to the rest of the lifeless gutrot we call a team. I hope Hab players watched their opponents play to catch a little glimpse of how it’s done!!Can’t wait to see P.K. play for Babcock at Sochi. He will be playing for a TEACHER!! Dare I imagine P.K. on the Flyers team last nite where they skate AND passses connect? Don’t think he would have been benched except for blowing by Hab loafers and the giving them wind-burn as he flew past them. Too many games where Habs are not showing up to play. I’m thinking Coach has team clued out and doesn’t realize he’s the problem, hope GM Bergeron gets it figgered out SOON!!!!

  3. This is the second time this year that the Habs have played a tired Flyers team that played the night before (while Montreal had not) in a different city. In both of those games, Montreal scored exactly one goal.

    I honestly don’t know what the problem is, other than (obviously) the offense is wildly inconsistent and that there are many nights where Montreal simply doesn’t seem to show up.

    It’s been five weeks or so since the Habs played back-to-back (or more) good games. Maybe Marc Bergevin (who has been invisible since the season began) and Michel Therrien (who seems clueless about what to do) are happy with the team’s play; I am not. This is frustrating and it does not bode well for the team going forward.

  4. Hey Dennis, Playing for a draft pick comes to mind but I can’t remember ever seeing a team of Habs committing this unthinkable crime. Their shots on goal are always below their opponents and now the one stat that they were always in the lead of, faceoffs wins , are now dropping like chickens with the bird flu. I’m thinking Therrien is loosing touch with the team, time to shake things up.

  5. I’ve never agreed with the tanking idea, Derry. It doesn’t jive with me at all. And I agree, I think Therrien has lost the room because of some of his inexplicable moves, with so many getting major ice time when they don’t deserve it, and others, like Subban, getting treated like raw rookies.

  6. I’m not happy either, Ian. They’re playing dull and uninspired hockey that’s very difficult to watch and enjoy. I’m craving a shake-up in a big way.

  7. Peter, Therrien Thornbush is more and more getting on my nerves. The benching of PK was almost the last straw for me. I’m willing to bet the boys have stopped playing for him. They sure stopped last night. Talk about going through the motions. I hated this game.

  8. Christopher, something needs to be done. I think it’s one game in almost a month and a half where they played inspired hockey. The guys aren’t earning their cheques,and more and more I think Therrien is a big reason.

  9. Come here often. First Post. Dennis, how can be that MB does not see the same things we all see?
    Brutal to watch.

  10. Gimme Shelter (love the name). The game last night was brutal all right. I couldn’t stand watching it. They went through the motions, they played like they were scared, and Therrien benched one of the only guys who might have provide a spark for a comeback.I agree, hopefully MB is taking notes and big changes are on the way. It’s hard to take and unless something’s fixed soon, it’s going to get worse. Most of those guys, including the coach, should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. I find it inexcusable that Michel Therien threw in the towel by not pulling Budaj in the final minutes of play. What the hell kind of message was he trying to send out? It seems his ego has become larger than the team.

  12. DK, there were many who felt bringing in a coach who was canned on his first go round thought it was a poor choice. Seems they just might have been right all along! I posted before the other teams have figured out how to shut down are break outs from our end & we seem to have no change in tactics. That comes down on the heads of the coaches, or should I just leave as singular ***coach***!!

  13. Trade Bourque!

    Fire the coach!

    Our team is too small!

    They broke the EGG line!

    No shots on goal!

    Habs play boring hockey!

    And in the meantime, we are in 10th place in the league. Another way to see this, 66% of the teams are behind us.

  14. My biggest complaint, Dennis is our hockey is b.o.r.i.n.g.
    Two games now, I turned off the TV mid-way.

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