Fun Bunch Of HIOers


I made my way down to Crescent St. last night and walked into an upstairs room at Hurley’s full of Habs fans.

Is there a better room to walk into than one full of Habs fans?

I didn’t really know what to expect, but the first person I met was Ian Cobb, the organizer of the event, and the friendly vibes he gave off told me this was going to be a fine evening indeed. Ian’s truly a wonderful fellow and he introduced to me to folks, I settled in, smiles reigned supreme throughout the room, and the evening flew by with lots of laughs and great fun.

Personally, for me it was a bit of a breakthrough. I read HIO on a regular basis, it’s always interesting to see how others feel about the team, but I’ve never truly interacted with them like Danno for example, who chats back and forth and who often links my blog to HIO.

Now though, I can put names and faces to a bunch of them, and how cool is that?

Many thanks to Ian and all the gang from HIO who were at Hurley’s last night. What a great time. Enjoy the game at the Bell tonight and I’ll be looking for you on TV.

3 thoughts on “Fun Bunch Of HIOers”

  1. Hey Dennis, I’m happy for you buddy, wish I could be there as well. I can only imagine you with a room full of Hab supporters, a dream come true eh.

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