Fucale And Company Stop Yanks


My site was down for a bit (something about the server), but it’s back and at least now I can say what a great game the Canada-US tilt was, with the Americans starting strong but Canada, with Habs prospect Zach Fucale coming up with big saves and looking more than steady, would pick it up several notches and skate away with a 3-2 win which gives them first place in their division.

Fucale, from Rosemere, Quebec, (where Guy Lafleur lives), was picked by the Canadiens at number 36 in the 2013 draft.

Nothing like a good old Canada-US nail biter on New Year’s Eve. It was edge-of-the-seat action. Worlds apart from what we’ve seen from Zach’s future team lately.

Maybe tonight will be different.


5 thoughts on “Fucale And Company Stop Yanks”

  1. Habs fans HAVE to be happy about the way that Fucale and Martin Reway (on the Slovak team) have played so far.

  2. The one thing about Reway is the same old song for us. He’s really small, listed as 5″08 and 158 pounds. But he’s been excellent in the tourney, and although unlikely, maybe he’s still growing!

  3. THAT was hockey! Great game and nail-biter in the end, and…..phew…WE WON! Can’t wait for the Olympics. I especially can’t wait to see the women play — the rivalry is fierce!

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