From There To Here

Just a few days ago I was in L.A., and now I’m in Nelson, BC. Such a distinct contrast. It’s like heavy metal to folk music. A Harley and a Moped. Brad Marchand’s nose and normal noses.

I’m here to see my daughter and my four grandkids, and of course my son-in-law, all of whom I can only see once a year. Once a year, you ask? You try driving the 800 kilometre zig zag involved getting here. And don’t try it in winter.

On another note, I read in a magazine yesterday that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, and the one who wore that lovely tight white dress that accented her curvacious rear end at Kate and William’s wedding, has been seen out on the town with none other than Sean Avery. Imagine what this must do for Avery’s ego, which is already larger than many planets.

If there is a God, please never let us endure the spectacle of seeing Avery waving to the crowds below from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

L.A. to Nelson is like Sean Avery’s ego compared to everyone else’s.

18 thoughts on “From There To Here”

  1. haha Pippa Middleton? Sloppy seconds? I have no comment. Other than Avery is a slime dog. Why dogirls go for these types of guys? He must have a seven inch tongue and can breathe through his ears or something???

  2. What a dreadful pity that Pippa is hanging around with a schmuck like Avery when she could be having a good time with a handsome gentleman like Dennis Kane 🙂

  3. Avery? Avery? Are you kidding me? Well, at least it’s not Chara or Ference.

    All power to him I guess but it just seems like such a weird match but stranger things have happened.

    Had there been no lockout, we’d be looking forward to hockey this weekend. DAMMIT!

  4. Darth, I guess Mr. Avery must be quite a smoothie. I think the guy was born to be a socialite, not a hockey player. I don’t think his heart was in it. But I sure agree with you – it’s a weird match. Isn’t she a lovely lady. Maybe she has a naughty side.

  5. Here’s a serious question.

    How come photos of Kate Middleton’s bare breasts are forbidden to be published? The British establishment is outraged and an army of lawyers are dispatched around the globe to prosecute any newspaper that dares print such pictures.

    Meanwhile Prince Harry’s Royal behind appears freely everywhere with no consequence or legal action of any kind. Only shits and giggles.

    Is it a double standard?

  6. I think it is a double standard, Danno. The wife of the future king must not have this sort of thing happen, I guess, but everyone says Harry’s just being a young guy having fun. I don’t know the true answer. I like both Harry and William, and I think Kate is a classy lady with a hot sister. I like the Queen too. I think she has a sense of humour that comes out on rare occasions.
    I’d like to know the true answer to your question. How come Harry can be photographed and it’s fine, but with Kate, it’s a terrible injustice? I suppose it has somrhting to do with the old prim and proper thing. Plus, I’m pissed we can’t see Kate’s pictures!

  7. Danno, I can say what’s wrong with the world in two words – Kim Kardashian. Or Gary Bettman. Or Kanye West. Or Simon Cowell. There’s more but I have rug rats (grandkids) to contend with now. And I really like the picture you sent of the Queen. Lovely smile.

  8. Danno I think the double standard is because of privacy and modesty. Harry got drunk and naked in front of other drunk people that he barely knew. He doesn’t seem to care that they took blurry photos of his naked butt. Kate got naked in what she thought was a private place. She and the palace are upset that professional photographers trespassed to obtain these photos. Of course the best solution would be to display the royal couple in public on a regular basis so that there would be no need to violate her privacy.

  9. I like the Queens nice smile and I’m sure I would love Katie’s titties however there is no place in a modern world for an archaic idea such as royalty. It’s almost as primitive and repressive as religion.

    iPad’s suck for typing

  10. I’m not a monarchist, but given how dysfunctional our parliament and senate are, the queen and the GG are the least of our problems. And I worry that any change to a republic will only make things worse. I much rather keep our quaint, archaic queen than suffer with truly repressive President Harper.

  11. Apples and oranges Chris. The queen is not the government anymore and does not rule. Of course she is preferable in that case. No one should be born into power. At least Mr. Harper was voted into power, by you guys, the voters. Dysfunctional, yes.

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