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Don Cherry belonged to the Montreal Canadiens for a short time in the early 1960’s, until Sam Pollock took him aside one day and asked him to lay off the beer. Cherry said he wouldn’t and was promptly shipped to the Spokane Comets of the Western Hockey League where he played one season (68 games, 9 goals, 13 assists), before moving on to the Rochester Americans of the AHL.

This is Cherry, number 6, with the Hull-Ottawa Canadiens of the EPHL (Eastern Professional Hockey League) in an exhibition game against the Boston Bruins before the start of the 1962-63 season. Hull-Ottawa, a farm team of the Habs, supplied many, many players to the big club in those days. Don just wasn’t one of them.

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  1. Hey Dennis, I was in Ottawa for the 50th anniversary of the team three years ago,wathced the 67’s play against the Brampton Battalion,Cody Hodgson was playing and scored three goals that nite,Scotty dropped the puck that nite as well.Imagine if Don ever necame a Hab,they may have developed him into a player instead of becoming a broadcaster he could have been Hab legend…just saying eh.

  2. Dennis, remember the piece you did on the Los Vegas odds for the team that would win the Stanley Cup? You posted them before the season started and I was wondering what the payout would be for the remaining playoff teams.

  3. Hey Dennis,That was the year Lynda and myself went to Montreal for the Grey Cup and four hockey games as well ,all in five days ,was a thrill.

  4. Danno, it was Washington at 6 to 1, LA at 10-1, Rangers at 30-1, NJ at 35-1, and Phoenix at 85 to 1. So if someone put 100 bucks on Phoenix and they went all the way, the payout would be 8500! NJ – $3500, Rangers $3000. Imagine putting, say, $1000 on Phoenix with an $85,000 payout?

  5. Thanks Dennis. I was pretty sure it was Phoenix that was the big payout.

    And I just have a funny feeling Garry Buttman wouldn’t mind if the Coyotes won the Cup.

  6. Danno, I agree, Buttman is salivating at the thought. And I guess with him, the success story in Winnipeg hasn’t meant a thing as he continues to work to keep the Coyotes in the desert.

  7. Did you see that the Blues were sold this week for only $130M? The price was $150M six years ago. Buttman paid $140M from Canadian fans to buy the Coyotes, I wonder how much of that we’ll get back.

    Did Vegas have odds on whether the Coyotes would still be in Phoenix? Even the people in Glendale don’t want the Coyotes around. The plan is to subsidize the team by $27M per year with an optimistic net loss to the city of $13M per year.

  8. Hey Dennis,I already told friends here a month ago that Coyotes would win the cup,get some intrest happening there eh.

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