Friedman Answers Booche’s Question About PK

The other day I wrote about CBC’s Elliotte Friedman going on about how PK Subban won’t win the Calder Trophy because PK annoys too many people. Max and Chara Talk, And PK Annoys

Today, Booche (Andre Bouchard) wrote telling me he’d asked Friedman recently about Subban’s chances and I’ve decided to show the entire question and answer from the two of them.

Thanks for this, Booche.

From your perspective, how manufactured are the negative sentiments towards PK Subban? Obviously Hab fans are living by the “see no evil speak no evil” side of the sword, but I encounter fans of other teams on a daily basis who scream to the rafters regarding PK Subban’s “lack of respect” and his “dirty” play. I can’t help but think how much these folks have been influenced by another CBC employee.  Will all this negative attention affect the odds of PK being nominated for the Calder?
Thanks and keep delivering those Monday 30 thoughts, one of the best regular hockey pieces found on the internet as far as I am concerned.

– Andre Bouchard


Glad you like the column.

I do think Subban’s Calder candidacy is being hurt by some of the things that have happened this year. Maybe not fair, but fact. He deserves a lot more credit than he’s getting, considering the role he’s played on a decimated blue-line.

However, it’s not fair to solely blame Don Cherry. Before the season started, I asked 10 coaches and GMs who deal with the AHL to submit players who were ready to make an impact in the NHL. Every one named Subban. Every one. But one person said the only thing he hated about the rookie was that he started things and let others fight those battles. So this kind of thing predates Don’s rants.

Earlier this year, I asked Subban about all of the things he says, and he replied, “That’s me,” adding he feels he needs to be that way to be at his best. If that’s his choice, it comes with consequences. But it doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about them.

– EF

8 thoughts on “Friedman Answers Booche’s Question About PK”

  1. if pk is not too worried, neither am i. the best and only way to have people recognize our young star for all his attributes is to hoist the cup. 15 and counting.

  2. Hobo, you’re right. Hoist the Cup, give it to him to hoist, and imagine if he was to win the Conn Smythe? Then maybe these people would back off once and for all.

  3. I really feel that there is a double standard happening here. There could be a really ugly reason for this or it could be attributed to a rather common situation. First the ugly. In case no one has noticed the kid is of “Afro-American” descent. It would be naive to think there isn’t some bigotry in the NHL, right Donald S. Cherry? It would explain the lack of reaction to Marchand’s comments about the kind of team Mtl is and always has been. Where is Mike Richards when you need him? He calls out PK for being a rookie who hasn’t done anything yet and who needs to show some respect to his elders so why no comment on the Booin rookie?
    The second possible reason has to do with the ageless “Love ’em or hate em.” school of thought. Lets face it that expression applies to the Canadiens perfectly and is something we can all live with.
    I hope the reason for all this the latter but you never know after all in this world we have Habs fans who tend to be intelligent well mannered people who appreciate hockey that is played the way it was always intended but we also have bottom feeding, knuckle dragging, nose running. foul smelling neanderthals who cheer for teams like Boston and Philly and who knows what they are really thinking? Just kidding.

  4. What a great commentary, Dishonest John. I sure hope it’s not an underlying colour thing. I honestly believe the league and most of its players wants to act homogenized and not act outside the box. They know they’ve got a good thing going, a beautiful thing, and they’re programmed to not make waves and say and do exactly what is expected. PK’s a young, talented kid with an exhuberant style that rubs others the wrong way. They want him to be just another good young player and speak only when spoken to. I also like your other theory of it’s because the Habs play the way the game should be played and PK is an up and coming star on a team most want to fail. I’m glad he seems to have broad shoulders about all this. It could be the end of a more sensitive guy.

  5. There is no doubt that PK has a target on his back, his ribs, his head, his ankles. It sickens me to see a guy like Horton going after Subban with vicious cross checks and not getting penalized. Horton really seems to hate Subban as there have been plays like that in both games and the look on his face while he’s doing it? Absolutely over the edge.
    You know Dennis for years non Habs fans called Dick Ervin a homer and I could never see it but don’t anyone try to tell me Boston isn’t a dirty team. Especially when you have a guy like Lucy come up behind Gio and give a short hard cross check to the lower ribs, kidney area. We were just lucky Gionta didn’t get a penalty for the retaliation slash or seriously hurt for that matter.

  6. Dishonest, the sooner Horton and his greasers leave the better. Before anyone gets hurt. They are a dirty team and Marchand and Horton (and Lucic), now down two games, just might get even dirtier. But if they fill the penalty box, great.

  7. I think the reason so many players criticize Subban is that they are green with envy because he is so talented.The comment that he should be more respectful to the veteran players is absurd.I would say that the veterans should be more respectful towards rookies. And as for the Bruins, they are a gang of bullies and cowards.They claim that their hits on the Canadiens players are accidents.If that is true, it makes them a bunch of fools whose bodies are uncontrolled loose canons.Compared to the Bruins and Flyers, the Canadiens are very skillful players who do not have to resort to thuggery to win games.I really wish that someone would start an Olympic-style hockey league that would give us games where talent would be the only thing that counts.

  8. Nicely put, Carole. Subban is better than most who enter the league and players don’t know what to think about this flamboyant young fellow. I love that you say vets should be more respectful. The Soviets in 1972 showed us how beautiful the game can be, and so did the mid to late 1970’s Habs. When the game is played with skill it’s very beautiful. I’m with you, the ugliness has to go.

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