Friday Night In The Big City

Nothing to report here. Boring as can be. Just take me out in the back and shoot me.

Heading down to Hurley’s on Crescent St. tonight to meet the Hockey Inside Out gang. I don’t know any of them except from a few comments from time to time, but a new experience is a new experience.

And being around a bunch of fellow Habs fans is a great thing, right?

5 thoughts on “Friday Night In The Big City”

  1. Hey Dennis, Where is that located?Is it close to the Bell Centre? We went to a bar not far from the Bell Centre ,they said it was the Bourbon Street of Montreal, just wondering .I hope you have a great time.

  2. Scott and Louise, it was awesome. I’m really glad I went and it was great to meet the two of you.

  3. Derry, yes, just around the corner from the Bell Centre on Crescent St., which is a very cool street with lots of pubs and cafes. One of my favourite streets. I had a great time meeting all these folks. It was excellent.

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