Fourth Line’s Turn


Brandon Prust, Ryan White, and Travis Moen enjoyed a fine game Saturday night as the Canadiens downed the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 in front of folks of all ages, sizes, religious beliefs, good hair, bad hair, and Luci and I.

How nice it is to see the fourth line chip in in a big way. If the guys with good hands aren’t getting it done, the grinders step up. That’s how teams win. When the usual suspects are flat, others aren’t. It’s why teams are called teams.

And even though the boys could have easily blown it to the basement dwelling Sabres, they didn’t, which is the bottom line.

Five straight wins. They’ve caught Pittsburgh in the east for top of the pops. Winning while not exactly setting the world on fire. I wish we were still downtown right now celebrating.

Personally speaking, what an excellent day. This is what living in Montreal can be about. If you want my advice, I say move to Montreal. How hard could it be? Just do it and then we can all eat smoked meat and get lost together.

A fine day, capped off by the Habs winning. I just wish I could figure out a straight and easy route back to the south shore. It seems I can’t, no matter how many times I try.

We parked under the Sun Life Building ($7) early in the afternoon, walked down Ste. Catherines Streets to Bishop, had a Guinness at the Irish Embassy Pub, then headed to the gigantic Bay where I sat in women’s wear for 45 minutes while Luci checked things out, and I have to tell you, if you think it’s a piece of cake hanging out in the bra department, then you’ve never done it.

It sounds good but trust me, it’s not.

Being in this women’s world is like being on a different planet. Women all over the place, strolling around with underwear in their hands. It’s not something I want to do again anytime soon. I’m still recovering.

So many different kinds of brassieres hanging all over the place. Hundreds of them. Like walking in to a Nevada brothel. Or Kim Kardashian’s closet.

After the Bay, it was over to Reuben’s for smoked meat, then down to the Bell Centre to chat with scalpers where we got an idea of things, didn’t rush into anything, left and sat in McLean’s Pub for awhile where we came up with a plan of attack.

Then we went back and scored two tickets in the last row of the section 103, close to cost price, and which were near the blueline with the steps to our seats right in front of us so we had nobody blocking our view and could even stretch our legs.

Something like what flying first class must be all about.

Going to the Bell might be old hat for you, but not for us, mainly because we lived 3000 miles away up until recently. But it was a beautiful evening, the boys won, and I don’t care that P.K. has seen much better nights and the team in general looked quite lousy. At least we saw them lousy live.

It’s two points, and we savored the experience from start to finish – the siren, the anthem, the sound of puck hitting stick and boards, the crazy bunch up in the nosebleeds, the flag kids, the sights and smells all around us, the salty popcorn, and for me – the abundance of urinals in the men’s room not far away.

Random Notes:

Andrei Markov seemed to hurt his knee but finished the game. But it was scary to see and hopefully he doesn’t wake up tomorrow and it’s ballooned to twice the size.

Buffalo outshot Canadiens 25-19. The Sabres’ second goal saw a guy named Girgensons waltz around P.K. with the greatest of ease. P.K. also took a “holding the stick” penalty which is an infraction that makes me cringe. Hate those penalties. C’mon P.K., smarten up.

Brandon Prust and Tomas Plekanec both had a goal and assist, Travis Moen had a couple of assists, Ryan White added an assist, and Alex Galchenyuk scored the winner which caused a young lady above us to scream like she was at a Beatles concert.

Next up – Kings on Tuesday at the Bell, which should prove interesting. Will the Canadiens pick their game up a notch or two? And who will be the next lucky couple to sit in section 103, row w, seats 3 and 4?










13 thoughts on “Fourth Line’s Turn”

  1. So so so happy that the boys won for you and Luci, Dennis! Quite the experience, eh? Thanks so much for sharing your pics! And all that aside, my favourite part of this post is non-hockey related! “if you think it’s a piece of cake hanging out in the bra department, then you’ve never done it” DYING LAUGHING!

  2. Great (and funny) post, Dennis, and happy that you got to see them win in person! Eventually they have to lose, but I’ll take the two points and move on.

  3. Dennis/Luci — was that you I heard cheering when our boys scored? So happy our stalwart leader got to go to the game he loves–AND helps us love!! In past month I continuously complained ’bout our boys lack or effort, not showing up, no pride or passion mainly—and I DON’T retract those comments. BUT oh how they entertain us when they turn on the jets and come to play. Lots of folks say–“boring game & the ones w/New Jersey” They had a busy few weeks and stood that test of endurance to win some games and share the spotlite with team-mates.Never been to a game live but second best is the replays on google you-tube of by gone games [Even last weeks ] The speakers go crack-crack and the Bell or Forum crowd go nuts on their feet, they don’t sit down, my kids holler–DAAAAAAAD is that a live game— I shed a tear or a table spoon of tears in emotion and then it’s back to the real world. But the Habs home crowd can sure lift ones mood when they get to hollering.What is it like being there in person? No games for a few daze now so we’ll be treated to Dennis reminiscing as only he can!!!! And THAT my friend, I look forward to!!111

  4. Hey Dennis, I thought that after reading your post that you may have been in Edmonton as when Tyler Hall scored his third and the hats came out ,someone threw a bra on the ice.I’m glad you got the chance to experience the Bell.I was only there once , but it was very memorable, as I met Yvon Lambert there.Good for you guys.

  5. They were nice seats, Roz. The steps were in front of us so no heads were in the way. Really a lot of fun. I need to right the Bell and find out how I can ride shotgun on the zamboni like those kids.

  6. Thanks Ian. I didn’t even care that the game wasn’t all that great. Being there and seeing them win was good enough for us. It was great. They showed a fellow in the stands who’s had season tickets since 1972.

  7. Hi Peter. That was big time fun and the seats were great. But because I was driving, I didn’t bother with the $11 beers. We just got lucky with the seats. They were really good. Alain Vigneault said recently that there are no ghosts at the Bell Centre. Maybe there’s not. Maybe the boys are winning because they’re a good fast team with great goaltending. It’s much fun when they’re winning.

  8. Danno, to add insult to injury, I went over to the bench to take a picture of the three trainers but an usher told me I couldn’t do that because I might be blocking people. When I’m stick boy, I’m gonna get this guy demoted to graveyard security.

  9. Hey Dennis, Mais oui mon ami, I will go back there for sure one day in the near future. Lynda and myself are looking at different options right now , I will be retiring next summer so will have some time on my hands eh.

  10. Dennis,

    Your experience in the lingerie reminded me of this classic from Father Ted (assume you got it over there).

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