Four Strong Winds. Habs Emit Gas

I got home from work hours after the Montreal-Buffalo game had ended, grabbed my last Labatt’s Blue, found my stash of roasted cashews, and turned on my recorded game.

I then settled in to see Carey Price, Mike Komisarek, Alex Kovalev, and Andrei Markov take turns having brain farts as the Habs lost 3-2 to the Sabres, and I only had that one Labatt’s Blue which emptied in the first period.

Very disappointing all around. Price was less, much less, than spectacular. Mike Komisarek, as he’s done often lately, made horrendously bad passes to the wrong team. Andrei Markov did the same. And Alex Kovalev took stupid penalties at bad times, his last one occurring in the final two minutes of the game.

Four guys you’re supposed to count on played like they were drunk.

I guess Guy Carbonneau is going to have to arrange some more talks.

Such a maddening team. They come off a great effort against Pittsburgh and get our hopes up. Then The Four Horsemen fall off their horses.

Leafs in Montreal tomorrow night. Will there be more brain farts? Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Four Strong Winds. Habs Emit Gas”

  1. I think that Komisarek is injured, so they paid Brisebois to get facial reconstruction and loads of plastic surgery to look like Komisarek. They did it because nobody cares as much when Brisebois is hurt, but when Komi is, it’s the end of the world. That is why Komisarek, I mean Brisebois, is making all those stupid mistakes.

    I sure hope they get it together for tonights game cause I’m going to be there. At least I can be sure to find some entertainment watching the Sergei vs. Grabovski round 3.


  2. Have fun Gillis. Lucky guy. And maybe Komisarek IS Brisebois. Good point. Nah. Brisebois plays better than that.

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