Four Straight

There’s something about saying “four straight” that just rolls off the tongue nicely and gets the feel-good brains cells doing the Watusi.

Four straight. After a 3-1 win on Buffalo ice. With Andrei Markov tallying three assists on goals by Alex Galchenyuk, David Desharnais, and Brendan Gallagher.

With the Capitals on deck Friday (in Washington) and then those despicable Leafs on Saturday (in Montreal).

It wasn’t the greatest game ever played. Chances cropped up from time to time for both teams, but Carey Price stood his ground when called upon and didn’t stand a chance on the Sabres goal when Stafford bounced PK off the puck and fed it to a sniping Matt Moulson.

As far as the other goalie goes, it’s not important.

David Desharnais had a goal and an assist, and showed jumped much of the evening. PK’s seen better games.

And Alexei Emelin laid out a bonecrusher early on that was a thing of beauty.

The Habs first goal came after a lovely drop pass from Lars Eller to Markov who seemed to have blasted it home, but apparently it went in off Alex Galchenyuk. Either way’s fine, of course.

Douglas Murray found himself tangling with the severely less-than-talented piece of deadwood named John Scott, and it was impressive how Murray held his own against the thug. He came out of it with a bloodied face but I’m sure all Habs fans are proud of him. I am.

I love when the guys play tough. It makes my heart soar like a large flock of Southern Blue-eared Glossy-Starlings.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Buffalonians 31-25.

Galchenyuk got his stick up into the face of Steve Ott and although he got four minutes in the box for it, the team killed it off. Ten minutes later, our young stud put the boys in the lead.

Friday in Washington and it’s an early puck drop – 5:00 PM eastern. Or 2:00 if you live in Powell River.

Five straight. How sweet it would be.




6 thoughts on “Four Straight”

  1. A nice win, to be sure, but I am especially happy to see DD contribute a goal and assist. If he can get going, that will make it much harder for teams to simply focus on one line.

    John Scott is a thug. He can’t play hockey and has no business being the NHL.

  2. Great to see DD playing better, Ian. It’s all about guys helping the team. The more the better of course.

  3. Leafs and Habs tied with exactly same record….

    Sadly for me Habs are going right direction and my Leafs in the wrong….

    Saturday night should be interesting ….but worrisome for me

  4. Leaf Fan, it’s always worrisome for us too when the Canadiens tangled with the Leafs. The Leafs always seem to bring something extra to the table against our guys. It’s been a great rivalry for so many years and it never seems to stop.

  5. Leaf fan, you’re so nice it’s hard to get angry at you. For an “enemy”, aren’t you suppose to come here and say mean things? Everything you ever say is sweet. Why can’t you leap over to our side? You’d make a fabulous Habs fan.

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