Four More Cannonading Blasts Of Habs Bloggers

Four more great Habs sites have been brought to my attention courtesy of Danno. These are new sites to me and all look absolutely excellent. Click on their links and have a look.

Your Resident Blogger, as he calls himself, has a real nice, sharp, well-written site , Centre Hice, and deals with the past and present in an impressive way. He does the pre-game and post-game stuff, gets into the history of the Canadiens’ sweater, and talks about his time growing up in the Eastern Townships. His email handle is “Maple Leafs suck” and you gotta like that. 

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge‘s Iain Carnegie, raised in Toronto and now a Montreal resident, tackles the present day Habs in fine fashion, giving his thoughts on what did and what will happen surrounding the Canadiens as they kick off the 2010-11 season. Really well written and really interesting.

Habs Laughs is a great and unique take on the goings-on in Habs universe. Creative and  far-fetched dialogue, top ten lists, and much more fill the pages here. The best way to explain this funny site is to just direct you there so you can see for yourself.

Cathy has her great say at Habs-Rants where she goes head-to-head on subjects such as lack of Habs homer-type television coverage, Pierre McGuire, Quebec politicians sticking their noses in Habsville etc., and she also gets into fun pieces like what she would do if she had a day with each player. Cathy’s Habs-Rant is a lovely read – entertaining and smart.

4 thoughts on “Four More Cannonading Blasts Of Habs Bloggers”

  1. Dennis, I think it’s a really fine and decent thing you are doing by promoting other Habs blogs.

    Would the GM dealer tell their customers that Ford, Toyota and Chrysler also make great cars and are worth taking a look at?

    You know that’s never going to happen.

    I wish car dealers were as classy as you are.

  2. Don’t know Danno – but it could not have been said better. You show class, spirit, and a genuine desire to promote any news that pertains to our beloved Montreal Canadiens.

    For that, I – and the rest of Bleu, Blanc, Rouge – salute you.

    Merci beaucoup Dennis!

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