Found Photos From Summer of ’69

As we await the Canadiens-Ducks close encounter of the second time (Habs lost 2-1 in Montreal on Dec. 18th), I thought I’d show some photos of the Atlantic City Pop Festival, the amazing 3-day event I was at in the summer of 1969, just a couple of weeks before Woodstock.

They were sent to me by another Orillian who was there, and until I saw these, I had no idea there were any personal pictures from that mighty festival that featured some of the world’s greatest rock acts, with about 150,000 people in attendance.

That’s me standing on the far left, and the fellow sitting next to me with the black and yellow shirt is Mike Williamson, whose comments you see here often.

At 2

Below, taken from behind the stage, B.B. King doing his thing,

Atlantic City4

No idea who the band is.

Atlantic City3

Again, no idea.

Atlantic City5

And the lineup, as good as it gets.

Atlantic City

8 thoughts on “Found Photos From Summer of ’69”

  1. Well I guess I can’t multitask, after commenting I read the post again & noticed DK had mentioned me to his left. That’s what happens when your on the land line cell phone & computer all at the same time! They were a great 3 days & DK & I had an amazing time cherished to this very day & future, gawd I miss my hair. 🙂

  2. Mike, I’m still learning how to walk and talk at the same time so I fully understand. You bet we had a great time in Atlantic City. I think we got there two or three days before and hung out on the boardwalk. And it was hot as hell.

  3. Hey guys! Hello Dennis, hope things are well with you. It’s been years since l seen you. Last l remember was in Ottawa. Anyways great shot of you and my Dad and rest of your friends. Looks like it would have been a great experience. One question for you and Dad. Wheres the Mustangs and Chargers? That Volks is looking very cute!! Just messing. Thanks for sharing these memories with us much younger guys! Again kidding. Ha

  4. Hi Sean! Wow! Been a long time and it’s great to hear from you. Hope you and your family are doing really well. And Mustangs and Chargers? None of us had any money for such luxuries. Would’ve been nice though. And would like to have a ’69 Mustang or Charger now.

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos Dennis. The Band in the third photo I think is very likely Procol Harum with the piano and the organ out on stage together…..the fourth is likely Buddy Miles Express or Chicago but not Lighthouse. …..I wouldn’t bet the farm but I would put some money on it that with all the brass out front….the black smudge over the cymbals might be Buddy Mile’s huge pompadour. Thanks for the treat. 🙂

  6. Awesome, Garfield. I think you may be right and it is most likely Procol Harum and Buddy Miles or Chicago. What a fantastic festival Atlantic City was. We had a blast, and this festival gets absolutely no respect. Woodstock, the Isle of Man, Monterey and others get all the ink, but Atlantic City had a lineup that rivalled any of them and up till that point was the biggest I think. Mike Williamson and I went down and ran into other Orillians there. The Chambers Brothers were amazing, and so many others too. Just a great time, but few have heard of it.

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