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  1. The Forum was a great place..the first hockey game I attended there was a Junior Canadiens match (couldn’t afford to see the NHL Canadiens)..Jacques Plante had been sent down to the Habs farm team for a short period..and it was an opportunity to see him in action…i recall that my ticket cost $1.50.

  2. I don’t recall whether I told this story before, but here goes… .
    I can’t even recall when it happened … . Anyway, the NHL Old -timers were in Prince Albert, here to play a game and whatnot. My neighbor Wilfrid Poulin, a hardcore Canadien fan, had just died , and I came up with an idea while doing idle chatter with the wife before going to sleep. “I am going to go to the Communiplex an hour before game time to-morrow and get to see Guy Lafleur and ask him to write a letter of condolence that I’ll then give to Mrs. Poulin,”I told her. “Fat chance of that happening,” she replied. “Hah, you ‘ll be surprised,” I answered back. The next day I was at the Communiplex an hour before game time, saw a guy setting up a souvenir stand and asked him – in French – “Est-ce -que Lafleur est ici?” And, just a sure as God makes little icicles in January, I got to visit Guy in the dressing room – just him and I – and yes, he wrote the nicest letter to Wilfrid’s widow , that the family cherishes to this day.
    Darn classy guy that Guy Lafleur.

  3. Wow, that’s great, Orville! Thanks for this! I’ve always thought that Flower is an excellent fellow.

  4. Really cool, Ed. I would’ve loved to have seen the junior Habs at the old Forum. And it was so great for you to see Plante in this situation. Thanks for this.

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