Forget Those Three, We’ve Got P.K.

The Habs host the Oilers tonight, and yes, I’ve mentioned the young guns in Edmonton in the past and how well they’ve done, and I wish I hadn’t. Because Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Taylor Hall, and Jordan Eberle are the enemy. And I hate writing about players on other teams. Let their own bloggers spout admiring adjectives.

Besides, we have PK Subban, young like these three, as important to the Habs as they are to the Oilers, but who’s been sent to the back of the class by many as the new darlings become the teacher’s pet. Hopefully this evening will show a peach-fuzzed PK denting the boards by crushing these children as they scurry down the ice, full of themselves because the press won’t stop going on and on about them.

We need PK to show that he’s a step ahead of them in development. To take charge on power plays and make the crowd ooh and awe as he dashes up the ice with the puck. A goal or two, especially on the power play, would be a pleasant experience. Clean, punishing, thunderous checks, the order of the day.

We want Oilers fans tuned in to their televisions from the northern Alberta city to watch with appreciation as Subban does his job in a big way, and on this night at least, show those three as just ordinary soldiers.

PK has developed some sort of reputation with opposing teams and their fans, and unfortunately, officials too, and it needs to be corrected. Darth mentioned the other day, and rightly so, that most players probably wouldn’t have been penalized for spraying snow in the face of Rangers’ goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, but because it was PK, he was sent to the box. There have been accusations, right or wrong but probably right, of the odd slew-foot from PK, some questionable diving from time to time, and a lot of chirping, and it’s all unnecessary action from a budding superstar.

P.K. has hit a small boulder on the road to superstardom while these three have had a smooth highway so far. But starting tonight, our guy can show everyone that he’s the real deal, and Nugent-Hopkins, Hall, and Eberle, as good as they are, are still a step behind on the star chart.



5 thoughts on “Forget Those Three, We’ve Got P.K.”

  1. I happened to see a list the other day that someone started about the top douchebag/scumbag of every team. Almost everyone who replied had Subban as ours. People lump him in the same category as Cooke, Marchand, Burrows, Lapierre, etc. There is really a lot of venom directed his way and I am sure some of it is jealousy (heck – I admit I’m jealous Boston has Marchand…sorry Dennis) but overall he is starting to look really bad.

    He’s young but he has to be very careful about how he conducts himself or this rep will never leave him. I like that he’s flashy and I enjoy seeing him on the ice but he has to watch himself with the dives and the ref stuff.

    Without a doubt he is not the only guilty party out there but because he is so good (and will be outstanding one day) the eyes of the NHL are zoned in on him. His conduct now will follow him for his whole career unfortunately.

    I wouldn’t give him up for anything though.

    Do you think the Oilers would be willing to trade that line for Scott Gomez?

    If only. 🙁

  2. Play smart PK, but don’t you EVER tone it down


    We are Miracle Whip and we Will NOT Tone it Down:

    We will not be quiet
    We will not try to blend in
    Disappear in the background
    Play second fiddle

    When we’re in a sandwich
    A salad, a panini or crostini
    You’ll know it

    We’re not like the others
    We won’t ever try to be
    We are our own mixed-up blend
    Of one-of-a-kind spices

    We are Miracle Whip
    And we will NOT tone it down

  3. darth, the blues just hired hitchcock. they need to win, are under achieving and lack discipline. sound familiar? a hitchcock kind of guy would not put up with a gomez kind of guy. the problem is not gomez, it is jm…………. sorry dennis, i agree with darth on marchant.

  4. i’d love to see pk dash up the ice on the pp. the only thing is, he’s getting, on average, less than 30 seconds of icetime on the pp to make room for proven stalwarts like darche and weber.

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