19 thoughts on “Forget The Modeling, Jacques, And Fix A Couple Of Things”

  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels

    (but unlike last nights game at least we can enjoy the first third without the risk of seeing the rest, can’t we?)

    Just going to watch it on the espn player, I have happy pills to hand.

  2. that is f#$%^&ing gross……………….don’t show that to mike richards it might turn him on, tranny to fanny.

  3. Thank you, Golden Girl. Not sure that Mike Boone liked it but whatever. I thought it made Jacques look good!

  4. Dennis, getting a compliment from GoldenGirl about Photoshop is like Colonel Saunders telling you that you make good chicken.

  5. Danno and Golden Girl, I’ll take credit for the idea and the two separate photos, but it was my brilliant son-in-law in Russia who put the head on the body. This guy, his name is Denis Brel, just oozes creativity in a dozen different ways. I haven’t a clue how to do PhotoShop.

  6. Dennis, you’d be a dangerous man armed with Photoshop. Imagine what you could do with Scott Hartnell’s picture.

  7. Danno, someday I’m going to learn how. I’ve thought about this before because it just seems like too much fun. Is it hard?

  8. I never tried it myself. Could be loads of fun.

    2-0 after one – again. Hope Jacques Martin told everyone to keep the gas pedal down.

  9. Golden Girl, I’m terrible for patience. And I think I’m running out of time calendar-wise. Maybe I’ll just enjoy yours instead.

  10. Much appreciated. And tell your son-in-law to keep it up. He can always email me any time if he needs any tips.

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