7 thoughts on “For Your Viewing Pleasure – Habs Choose A Young Goalie”

  1. Dennis, I love how Bob Gainey responds to the question about the Habs lacking goalie depth (at about 4:30 minute mark) by saying “We have another young player that we hope to sign this summer — Halak.”
    He seemed to have a wise, knowing look in his eye and a bit of a smile. It’s as if he already knew what a great tale the Halak/Price story would turn out to be.

  2. What strikes me, Danno, is the overall look of happiness on his face – something we don’t see a lot of now, or certainly last year. I just thought this video would be really neat for readers to see, either again or for the first time. I sure enjoyed it, and so did Luciena.

  3. It is really awesome to see Bob Gainey in this video Dennis. We are so lucky to have such a sincere and dedicated man like him on board.

  4. I love Bob Gainey, despite his family issues and all the scrutiny received the past few seasons, he’s really turned the team around! I’m glad he believed in Price, and he proved to the fans that patience was all that was needed

  5. Hi Martin. Yeah, McGuire saying that was a bit odd for sure. It jumped out for me too when I heard it.

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