For Whom The Bell Tolls


Terrific review of the Bell Centre and the area in Montreal around it, from a monthly publication, Stadium Journey Magazine, which publishes reviews of sports stadiums from around the world.

They’ve been busy. To date they’ve reviewed 1,729 different stadiums in 37 countries.

That’s a lot of stadiums.

Here’s the link – Stadium Journey. They break down the Bell, including the beer, food, atmosphere, some obstructed areas in the nosebleeds, prices, the great fans, and lots more.

And a small sampling of their review:

Montréal is a city that truly knows how to embrace the joie de vivre; the joy of living. It is a city that has so much to do, and for hockey fans, seeing the Canadiens play should be high on the list. Don’t be put off by fans who lament the new arena in comparison to the old Forum. The Centre Bell is a rarity in the modern world of sport in that it is truly home to the Canadiens and to no other team. This is an arena that has worn off its new-arena smell and has worked its way into the magnificent history it does so well to showcase.

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