For The Ladies

I feel I’d like to do something special for the ladies.

Give you a hot Hab in a razor ad.

Someone you can gaze at and dream about and maybe print and  frame.

Something to make boyfriends and husbands jealous.

A guy you wouldn’t mind helping shave behind closed doors.

Ladies, for all you do and because you are what you are, I give you…….




Gump Worsley




8 thoughts on “For The Ladies”

  1. Hey Dennis, Old Gumper knew how to shave a few decimal points off the goals against average as well as the rolls of thread used in stitching his face up.

  2. Dennis, as long as you’re on this planet, no man can make the women swoon like you do. Gump is just chump change like the rest of us. 🙂

  3. Turk Broda was another twine tent ladies’ man…a real ‘babe’. You’re onto somethng here Dennis. Another goalie hottie was Bruce Gamble. Mutton chop…5 o’clock shadow…Leafs vs. Habs goalie bachelor auction.

  4. Hi Derry. Yes, Gumper was a great one, and one of the great characters of the game. We don’t see guys like Gump much anymore. It’s a shame.

  5. Hi James. We need more guys like Gump and Turk. Enough already with the cardboard characters we get now. Turk and Gump and others put colour into the game. And some serious poundage.

  6. Some of the Habs are going to need something with a bit more power than the Sunbeam Shavemaster™ to remove their November mustaches. A gas-powered Weed Whacker might do the trick.

  7. All I know is David Desharnais better not ever shave that magical pornstache of his. It gives him magical powers and game-winning goals.

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