For Price, Who Cares?

I’m not going to post the infamous video of Carey Price being interviewed by Cabbie after game one of the Boston series because I don’t want to infringe on the Score. But if you haven’t seen it, you should. Just type in Carey Price/Cabbie on youtube and see for yourself.

This interview is extremely telling of a young man who doesn’t seem to understand, who doesn’t realize that losses are to be taken seriously. He and his team had just been beaten by the Bruins in game one, and Price comes off as nonchalant and uncaring. I find it disturbing. And to make matters worse, Georges Laraque comes in and everyone jokes about arm muscles.

This clip sums it up for me. Price and Laraque’s attitude shows the problems with the Habs go much deeper than having a few players injured. Try to recall another player’s interview after a loss in a big game. Roberto Luongo, for example, late in the season, looked like he’d just been informed of a death in the family when being asked to explain a loss. Imagine warriors like Billy Smith, Ron Hextall, Terry Sawchuk, and Jacques Plante, and how they would react afterwards. They’d be pissed. They’d give the interview but wouldn’t want to because they had other things on their mind. But not Price. He appeared to not care at all what had just happened.

This lad has some serious growing up to do. He’d better start earning those big bucks the Canadiens pay him or he’ll be booed a lot more than he was, and he can give the Bell Centre fans even more salutes, and he can kid around even more, and then at some point, he’ll be gone, maybe to the minors forever, and his chapter in Montreal Canadiens history will be a very short and mediocre chapter indeed.  

And Georges Laraque, I’m really glad you have big arm muscles. Doesn’t help you as a hockey player, but you have big arms.

It’s all very sad. Have a look at youtube and decide for yourself. For me, it’s a good thing Toe Blake wasn’t Price’s coach.

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  1. Anybody else watch 110% the other day after the end of season press conference. The guys at 110% started bashing Price over the same subject that you wrote about. They share almost the exact same opinion as you on the subject. But then later, they start to talk about Price’s end of year press conference and start bashing him for his attitude and about how upset he looked. They expected him to be looking forward to the future.

    I really dont like those 110% guys

  2. I’m as headstrong as can be about something like this. Maybe I’m old school. But I’m a firm believer in emotion and war and serious commitment and taking losses hard. For the amount of money these folks are paid, they’d better not be nonchalant. For the amount of money a ticket cost, they’d better take it seriously. I just despised seeing Price’s attitude in this piece, and I need to know, are lots of young, rich athletes like this? Is this the way it is now?

  3. When I first saw the clip, I thought that it was very out of character for Price, who always seemed to take losses hard, but I thought -at the time- that it meant he had his head clear for the next game. Now though, it just irks me. There’s nothing wrong with an athlete having fun, but doing so when we’re losing just seems to be in poor taste.

    I hope that other athletes care a lot about their profession, that they put their heart into every performance, but also that they find other things to be happy about when they aren’t performing their best, so that they have self-confidence going into the next game.

  4. You’re misunderstanding the video my friend. This is a clip from The Score’s Cabbie on the Street. He goes around interviewing all types of athletes from Sidney Crosby to Derek Jeter. It’s an official TV show and if you look closely at Price’s frazzled eyes he’s really trying to keep his cool and be funny, which is how the show goes. He probably could have refused, but he’s a funny kid and it’s also a part of his job (media/advertising/etc). That’s also part of earning his paycheck in the NHL these days. Cabbie wouldn’t have the right to even do this interview without the consent of the organization either… You’re unfortunately jumping to the wrong conclusions like the guys on 110%.

    Here’s the official write up on the show if you’re interested:
    “Cabbie on the Street has evolved from an energetic streeter segment to a showcase of professional athletes in funny situations discussing a wide range of topics. It is the freshest injection of humour into the world of sports.”

    Also if you think he doesn’t care, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. The guy hates losing more than anything (don’t know if he still has “play to win” written under his blocker, but he did in junior), even went ballistic on that first goal when he was obstructed and they allowed it. But he’s also not a robot, and has this weird sense of humor. The good ol’ dry Canadian wit. He’s also a goalie, and we’re all a little off the wall 😉 Besides, I don’t know how many times after a loss in front of the real reporters he tossed his bag, dropped an F-bomb, smashed his stick into dust, had his cap over his eyes… I say let the kid be a little loose.

  5. Yup sorry Dennis but I have to agree with #31. Personally I can’t stand Cabbie and I didn’t see the segment but I think you need to cut the kid some slack. Also his level of commitment looked pretty good when he lost what 30lbs last summer? Have you ever tried to lose 30 lbs? I think we need to question the lack of parental influence on the part of the team. These are wealthy young men in a big city with lots of trouble to get into. When Dryden was a rookie way back when how many other rookies were there on that team or even guys in there first couple of years? Same for Roy. This year, for a variety of reasons, the habs had a whole whack of guys with 3 or fewer years experience. That’s not intended as an excuse just look at Chicago who eliminated the Flames tonight. I think next year will be big for Price and maybe we’ll get a true sense of who the man is and what kind of goalie he’s going to be down the road.

  6. I’m not misunderstanding the video. I know who Cabbie is. I haven’t been living under a rock, or been busy listening to Lawrence Welk and reading Farmer’s Almanac. I’ve seen many of his interviews. It’s neither here nor there. None of it. What’s any of it got to do with Price? And yes, Price has been upset before. But you tell me why he didn’t refuse to do this, which he should have, or at least look upset. He wasn’t told to act, or change his demeanor. Do you think the producers said, “Okay, Carey. Even though you lost, you have to be funny?” An after-the-game-interview is just that, an-after-the-game-interview, Cabbie or no Cabbie. And about the losing pounds, why did he come to camp overweight in the first place. I’m sorry but no one’s changing my mind on this one. “Let the kid be a little loose.” Gimme a break.

  7. Dennis,

    I might mention the 1940’s-60’s hockey players commitment to the game had its flaws to. These guys showed up to training camp out of shape to get into shape. That doesnt happen now-a-days, these guys are committed to the game every day of there lives, with the amount of year round training they do. I do agree though that the the older players took losses alot harder though. If your an athlete these days though you cant win with anything you do, If you show to much emotion your questioned as immature and undisciplined, if you dont show enough emotion your heart and commitment is questioned. I think if Carey Price is bound to succeed as a montreal canadian his team and fans need to stand behind him. This isnt a case of lack of heart or not being committed,( How about the interviews where he has basically been in tears because of losses? isnt that emotion enough for you?) its a case of a 21 year old guy whos lost his confidence, he needs support from his teammates and the whole organization for that matter. For anybody who doesnt get what im saying put yourself in his shoes, speaking from my point of view im a 22 year old guy and when i screw up at my job i feel like an asshole and i take it hard when im reamed out for it ( and i only make about $820,000 less than the $850,000 he makes a year and dont have to answer to millions of fans and media). But back to what this is about, Carey Price is a hockey player on the most storied franchise in the history of the sport, to say he doesnt care about losses is foolish. Some guys deal with these things differently though and at the end of the day its only a game, whats most important to these guys is the same thing that is most important to us: family friends and health. There is always another game and if they have a bad outing they should be more focused on the next game then they should about the loss. If Montreal gives up on Carey Price it will just show how brutal there team management is and the MASSIVE ego the franchise carries. Like i said before, you think they would have learned there lesson with Patrick Roy.

  8. Those guys worked other jobs in the summer and didn’t have time to stay in shape like they do now.
    The bottom line is this: Carey Price was extremely mediocre this playoff and last year’s playoff. He came to camp overweight. He lost his last six playoff games. The team bowed out in four straight games. So when I see Carey Price joking around after losing game one, it doesn’t thrill me one bit.
    There’s not a soul out there who’ll change my stance on this.

  9. and one more thing, if the habs were any sort of an organization with a brain right now they would realize they got the success of there team riding on a 21 year old goaltender, How about bringing in a veteran back up to show him the ropes? Instead they traded that veteran in Huet and throw carey price to the wolves to figure it out on his own? Young guys learn from veterans and you should know that dennis, what has this team done for carey price to make him better? and please dont give me any B/S by saying they have given him alot of playing time. This is no different then everyday work for the average joe, when all of you first started your jobs at whatever age you were, in this case 21, who was it who helped you out? experienced workers! and if you didnt get that help from them you probably were a shitty employee because you didnt know the job. In carey prices situation it would be a veteran goalie, not a goalie who has been around 1 year longer then he has. Non of us know enough about the game to really know what it takes to play at that level and if we did we would be playing there or be involved in a bigger way instead of blogging are opinions. Bottom line is young players look to veterans for guidance and montreal has got the blind leading the blind as far as their goalies go.

  10. Im not trying to change you stance Dennis but you need to be a little more realistic. He is 21 years old, to much is expected of him. To make that comparison to Luongo is crazy, Luongo is a seasoned vet. If the canadians fans can figure out the definition of patience they will soon see how good carey price can and will be. What you think carey price lacks right now can only be picked up over time, there isnt a 21 year old in the league who will have what you think hes missing.

  11. Jordy, your best comment was the one about how a young worker learns from someone who’s been around for awhile. Can’t argue with that. Habs blew a tire on that one. But that’s what is not about. It’s not about Price being young and thrown to the wolves. It’s about a nonchalant attitude. And how come no one’s commenting about Georges Laraque and his smiley-face?

  12. Unfortunately, though 22 is a young age for a lot of things; it may be too old to learn to be competitive to the core. If Price really didn’t care, there will be nothing anyone can tell him to make him into a Luongo over the next 10, 20 or 50 years.

    Too bad that we may have all misread disinterest for calm, including the GM and his cheif scout…

  13. The socall Cabbie interview was a skit more than an interview because
    when the talked about windburn on Chara shot – Price and Cabbie happened to be in front of a shelf with lotions etc and then Laraque happen to come by and at the end The Oreo comment just happened to be adlibed
    don’t think so……..

  14. Isn’t a good goalie one that can have a bad game, learn from it, and then let it go and move on to the next?

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