Food To Watch The Habs With

I saw Julie/Julia the other day, a good movie about a woman who decides to make a different recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook every day for a year and blog about it.

This was, I thought, an excellent idea considering that a recent Ipso-Reid survey showed that 87 % of all blogs worldwide are Habs blogs.

And no, this isn’t a chick flick. The couple, Julie and perfect husband, live in Queens, NY and are almost certainly Rangers fans. Unless they’re Islanders fans. With an outside chance of being Devils fans. And Julia Child had a home in Cambridge, Massachusetts so she obviously cheered for the Bruins. Or she could have changed to a Habs fan, like Diane. I’m not sure.

Anyway, I decided to take a page from the movie and just once offer up some of my amazing recipes you can cook up and enjoy while watching the big game.

1. Take two slices of bread and gently insert cheese (any type) between them. Spread butter or margarine on the outside of bread and place in a hot pan. Brown one side and then brown the other side. This fascinating dish, which is the hit of my dinner parties, is what I like to call “Fromage de Grilled.”

2. Carefully open a bun of approximately six inches long and place a cooked weiner inside. Add relish and/or mustard and top with fried onions. Do not overcook weiner as it will go limp. This wonderful entree, which I have perfected, is called “Chien Chaud’ or “Dog du Hot.”

3. Gingerly open top of package and pour pasta into boiling water. Make sure water is salted but do not use ocean water. Stir occasionally until pasta is soft, drain, and add delectable cheese powder, a touch of milk, and a tiny bit of butter. This little treat, known as “Dinner du Kraft,” will soon have you taking Italian lessons and dreaming of riding in a gondola along the canals of Venice.

4. Place one ot two slices of bread into machine that gets hot when button is pushed down. In only a few minutes, bread will pop up and is now toasted and ready for butter. After butter is applied, slowly spread peanut butter evenly over top, making sure no areas of of toast are missed. This is known on the dinner party circuit as “Peanut Butter sur Toast.’ And for those with even more imagination, simply add raspberry or strawberry jam to top of the peanut butter and press hard to mix well. This is called “Peanut Butter sur Toast avec Jam.”

5. At the top of the stove you will see dials. One of these dials will say “oven” and it will have numbers on it. Turn dial to about 375 and insert dinner, which has been frozen to keep freshness in, into bottom of stove which will open up when pulled. Check periodically when there is a time-out in the action, and when it looks like the delicious mashed potatoes are bubbling, take dinner from stove. Remove wrap from top and dig in. This meal, which is great for when Leaf and Canuck fans come over, is fondly called “Dinner de Frozen.” Or, in the old days, the more popular name was “Le Frozen Dinner de TV.”

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  1. Dennis, you gourmet you! What complex receipes du jour for moi!

    May I share one of my own? Take one potato and rinse under water and scrub with a clean brush (not a brush for cleaning your home). Put in the oven at 425 degrees for one hour. Put on a cooking mitt and remove potato frm oven. Cut down the middle, scoop out the inside potato and add fresh butter to the potato skins and inside mixture. Serve with a cold beer or two (definately two!) and enjoy your Spud du Jour avec Hockey. This will give you the fortitude to cheer long and loud for the Canadiens! Go Habs Go!

    Thanks for speaking so glowingly about me in your blog. Merci!

  2. As a variation on #1, you can simply refrain from placing the 2nd slice of bread on top of the other. Place an equal amount of cheese on each slice, making sure that the buttered sides are facing down. Grill on medium heat until cheese is completly melted. Do Not Flip! Serve openface on a plate,known in upper class circles as Welsh Rarebit…or Rarebit au Welsh
    #2 can be also varied with the addition of just a scoop of bcf chili or a canned variety, if you wish…I might add tho’ that if you opt to use the bcf type, it is imperitive that you also use the Maple Leaf weiner.
    #3 just cannot be varied due to the excellence of this award-winning Entree
    This machine you speak of in #4…is it available to anyone?
    #5 sounds wonderful as well, altho’ I do take offence to the culinary use of the Leafs being used in the same sentence of the Cup contending Vancouver Canucks!! Please refrain from this method in the future for the most desirable results.

  3. Dennis, your cookbook should mention that it is always proper to serve your guests coffee or tea after one of your magnicent meals.
    Regretably, the Leafs and Cannucks won’t get any.
    The Habs have all the cups.

  4. DK, you could also offer appitizers to the Leaf & Canuck fans & urge them to Menage la mare!( My french needs some improvment)
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!

  5. Thanks for that Diane. I’ve tried it but I’m doing something wrong. You didn’t mention what side of the potato was up in the oven so maybe I put it in upside down. Anyway, will try again. My mouth is watering.

  6. Jan, love the Rarebit au Welsh. It’s something I can serve when the mother-in-law comes over. As far as the machine in #4 goes, I’ve never seen one on the open market but you might want to try eBay. Type in “Descending button to transform bread.” You might find one there. Good luck.

  7. Thank you Danno. They are magnificent meals. And as far as the coffee goes, I can always just let them drink out of the coffee pot.

  8. Mike, we must be nice to our Leaf and Canuck fans. No one’s been nice to them before and we must at least try.

  9. This is serious stuff, Kraft Dinner and Hockey is the bomb, no joke.

    You should publish Habs Cookbook.
    “Dennis’ Habs cookbook” with recipes like “Chicken a la Richard” or “The Mahovlich Sandwich” The possiblities are endless.

  10. Le repas des Champions… Un bon Jos Louis et un Pepsi.

    — One bottle or can of Pepsi

    — One Jos Louis brand Vachon cake

    Unwrap Jos Louis. Open can/bottle of Pepsi

    Eat/Drink. Repeat if necessary

    Savour the gastronomic delights of fine Quebecois cuisine

  11. Danno, I savoured this dish often when I worked at EB Eddy in Hull and needed a good breakfast before giving 110%. Thanks. Brings back excellent memories.

  12. Phil, I love this idea. But I’m going to wait until I’m owner so people will know my name and I’ll sell more cookbooks and have more money for my charity – feeding thin models.

  13. Fromage de Grilled au fer de repassage

    Dennis, I have to let you in on this great kitchen innovation my dear Mother created. Way back, when we were hungry little brats my Mom would sometimes pull out her clothes iron and use it to make us grilled cheese sandwiches. Using the iron she would press down on the cheese-stuffed bread, and the sandwiches always came out golden and toasted to perfection.
    Mom’s iron was way better than the George Forman Grill because it could also be used to press my Dad’s pants.
    Those were the best grilled cheese sandwiches I ever had.

  14. Danno, you’ve nailed it. I known for years the secret to fromage de grilled is you have to press down hard on it. We used to have a pressed thing to make them on when I was growing and I’m sure it had the same result as an iron. So to all those millions of readers out there, the secret to a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is to press hard on it.

  15. Try Barley sandwiches. They are prepackaged in either glass or aluminum and need no grill, toaster or iron. Just pre-chill (if desired), pop open and enjoy.

  16. Too much, too fast. An experienced chef like Julia could only handle one recipe a day, how can I keep up.
    I started with the Fromage de Grilled and tried the advanced trick of pressing down hard but kept wimping out after a couple seconds. Man that butter was hot on the palms.

  17. Just persevere, Chris. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Do one of my recipes every day and report back. And don’t worry, your hands will toughen the more you do it. Mine did. Believe me, a squashed fromage de grilled is superior to unsquashed.

  18. Danno, the iron thing is a great idea. I hope my wife doesn’t mind. Ah, I can taste those fromage de grilled right now.

  19. Dennis, I feel right at home! I knew jumping ship was the best decision. Can we create anything in a clothes dryer, say, popcorn?

  20. Thanks Danno for your last comment. I’m at work and nearly spit my water on my keyboard.

    You are ALLl so intelligent and witty. Absolutely the best!!

  21. Danno, is there a way to stop the water in the dishwasher from going away? It would make great shaken cocktails.

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