Follow Up To My Question To Guy Carbonneau

Further to my question to Guy Carbonneau posted only a few minutes ago. The Carbo story should be just underneath this story:

They say Sam Pollock had an eye for talent. Well, he didn’t in 1964, at least when it came to stickboys. I would’ve been good. Maybe the best they ever had. But he wouldn’t give me a shot. Sam Pollock ruined my life.

13 thoughts on “Follow Up To My Question To Guy Carbonneau”

  1. Dennis you were too nice to Pollock, you should have offered him a better win-win proposal. Either you take care of the sticks or the wives, his choice.

  2. Either job I would’ve been good at, Christopher. Although, out of the goodness of my heart, for the sake of the team, I’ve decided that I’ll forgo the stickboy thing if they really need a good person to make sure the wives are always comfortable. Imagine how this contributes to the state of the team? It’s for them, not me.

  3. Good one Dennis. A wonderful example of how real people once took the time to write letters to each other themselves instead of hiring some PR flacks to do it for them. I wonder how many letters from young fans are personally answered by Bob Gainey nowadays.

  4. Hi Danno. I’m sure that kind of thing doesn’t happen much anymore. But wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

  5. And Gillis, when I’m owner, you’re gonna be on the payroll Hope you won’t mind the drive in to the city every day.

  6. Maybe I should’ve kept trying, Moey. Just bugged him all the time. Maybe they’ll let me do it know. And when I’m owner, I’ll be stickboy for sure.

  7. Hi Dennis, I am waiting for your letter dated this week to the GM requesting stick boy duty. Attach a copy of the rejection letter, let them know you have no hard feelings but since it’s been 45 years, they should give you an opportunity.
    They’ll be lucky to have you in their services. Please post this on your blog when all is said and done.

  8. Diane and Danno, I think this nis a very good idea. I just may fire this off to the Bell Centre. Thank you.

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