Folks Stand Behind Taylor Hall

The backlash was fast and furious.

Mark Seidel, chief scout for North American Central Scouting, wrote a piece for CBC sports about how Edmonton rookie whiz kid Taylor Hall and his dad like to do things their own way and wanted jersey number four which was previously worn by Kevin Lowe.

The comments that followed this piece were to the distinct point, and basically Seidel was nailed to the wall with rusty spikes for not doing his homework and coming up with some kind of fairy tale reporting. Indeed, many took great exception to this slandering of the young stud on skates.

My point here is, thank you for not crucifying me on my blog like these folks did to Seidel (who almost certainly deserves it). If dozens and dozens of comments came at me like bullets aimed at my head as is the case in this story about Taylor Hall, I guess I might pull out that Russian vodka I’ve got stored away and try to think of a new hobby.

You can read the article, and the comments that follow, right here.

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