Flyers Make It Interesting

Claude Giroux, who would have looked mighty fine in a Montreal Canadiens uniform, scored at 5:59 of the first overtime to give the Flyers a 4-3 win and are now back in the series.

This is a great thing whether you want the Flyers to win or lose. Hockey needs an excellent Stanley Cup finals, not a four-game sweep or a five-game, one-sided affair.

The series now sits at 2 games to 1 for Chicago and Kate Smith is preparing a massive bump and grind routine with the sign man for game four on Thursday.

Giroux comes from Hearst, Ontario, birthplace of fine Habs forward of the 60’s and 70’s, Claude Larose.

6 thoughts on “Flyers Make It Interesting”

  1. Dennis, the game was OK, but the intermissions were much more interesting.

    In Coach’s Corner I learned that 10 years ago Scott Hartnell looked like your average pimply faced junior hockey player. 3:15 into I wish they showed where along the line he got the beer gut, the lumberjack beard and made a push for ugliest NHLer.

    In after 40 minutes, Gary Bettman showed how much of an incompetent idiotic weasel he is. It was his birthday and Ron McLean started off by comparing him to Ken Dryden. In response he argued about every question as if they were completely inappropriate to suggest that southern US owners weren’t printing money, like say the Leafs.

  2. Christopher, I saw a sliver of the Hartnell thing last night but I didn’t see the Bettman clip and when I bring up your link it won’t play. But I can just imagine. I can really picture it. And yes, Hartnell looked relatively normal until he moved to the Ozarks.

  3. Sorry Dennis, still not even close to being interesting. 🙂

    Good news is my daughter (9) wanted to watch it and was cheering for Hawks.

  4. Mayo, maybe not exactly interesting, but better than a sweep. Is it October yet? Might as well be with the weather we’re getting.

  5. Dennis, when the winning team hoists the Stanley Cup, take solace that 75% of the players are Canadian.

    Bettman is a smarmy little man who should be banished from the NHL.

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