Flashback To A Nice Habs-Jets Overtime Game

This December 1992 game in Winnipeg was a beauty, with Andre Racicot in goal as Patrick Roy, on the bench, had the night off.

About halfway through, we also learn that someone named Gary Bettman from the NBA is in the running for top job in the NHL.

The following spring, Montreal would win their 24th Stanley Cup.

5 thoughts on “Flashback To A Nice Habs-Jets Overtime Game”

  1. December 1992, thats not too long ago… only a month before I was born. Yet guys in the game I still had the chance to watch just recently, like Tkachuk and Schneider.
    Ps. They should have gone with Gil Stein

  2. Great look back Dennis.

    Did you notice the Canadiens’ stick boy did excellent work? You can see him in action near the end of the tape around the 7:00 mark – taking the players’ sticks from them with lightning speed while carefully placing them in a pile as they walk to the dressing room in victory.

    How come HNIC didn’t give him a star?

    Too bad the Habs can’t afford to be nice guys for the Jets’ opener today.

    I expect we’ll beat them, but we’ll stay classy and won’t run up the score.

  3. Danno, I went back and noticed the stick boy, and although he was quick, I have a few complaints. He wasn’t wearing a classic team jacket, and he didn’t offer any advice to Jacques Demers as the coach went by. I know he was busy with the sticks, but this is something you learn with experience – being able to do two jobs at once. I’d also like to know how well he was piling them. Were they placed nicely, or did he care about that? These are just a few things that makes me wonder if he was an excellent stick boy or not.

  4. Yes Dennis. This is why you need to be stick boy. I missed all those important things only a quality stick boy would notice.

    Mr. Gauthier and Mr. Molson what are you waiting for?

    The Habs urgently need a quality stick boy who can take care of the players as well as comfort their wives.

    Pick up the phone and call Dennis Kane immediately!

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