4 thoughts on “Flashback – Kovy On Outdoor Ice”

  1. I remember that ad and I remember being amazed with what the good Kovalev could do when he felt like it. Too bad the floater Kovalev was on the ice far too often with the Habs. I didn’t mind at all when the Sens picked him up because that’s what they ended up getting – the Kovy who didn’t give 100 per cent. Hope he does well in the KHL.

  2. Danno, I sure didn’t mind it either when Kovalev moved on. “Floater” is a good word. And after watching Kovalev as a Hab, maybe it’s why many of us are so concerned with Kostitsyn. Seeing players with great talent but only perfoming to their full capabilites once in awhile is disturbing.

  3. “Let them make up nonsense about me. But I am happy with what I have done. I have played not for myself, but for the team and fans. Teammates have never said a bad word about me. Fans are happy. I am approached on the street in Montreal, New York and told one thing: “Don’t take the bad to your head. We always support and love you. You’re the best.”

    “Words like that warm your soul.”

    Kovalev takes a few parting shots at Ottawa and the media before playing in the KHL…


  4. Interesting article, Danno. I laughed when he said the writers have bags of beer on the trips. I think the fact remains that even though he didn’t like the system in Ottawa, and then Pittsburgh, he still didn’t show up every night in Montreal, which is what we as Habs fans care about. Everywhere he went he was the same. It can’t always be the coaches. Of course he defends himself but I know of no other player in the league who so many hockey fans say can be great but they wouldn’t want him on their team because he sleepwalks too often. I’ve heard it dozens of times. So he has to take some blame for things not working out. He’s also old now and his career is mostly over, whether he realizes it or not.

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