Flames Burn Habs On Another Lousy Night

Everything was going swimmingly. Matt D’Agostini had opened the scoring, and later in the first period, Tomas Plekanec, on a beautiful set-up by Alex Kovalev, had put the Canadiens up 2-1. And we smiled and said whoopee.

Then, in the second period, everything kind of went to hell. It began when Sergei Kostitsyn, on a Montreal power play, decided he was Wayne Gretzky and thought he’d try some fancy stickhandling at centre ice, only to promply lose it, of course. This isn’t pond hockey. You can’t dangle like you do in practice. Naturally, the end result of Kostitsyn’s fancy stickhandling was Calgary tying it at two with a short-handed breakaway by Matthew Lombardi.

That was it. When you’re fragile, you’re fragile.

The wheels fell off completely and soon it was 3-2, then 4-2, then 5-2, then 6-2.

You know what the greatest invention in the history of the world is? It’s the fast-forward on the remote. The third period was just a blur for me as I watched the score pile up and I didn’t feel like watching it in normal speed.

Jaroslav Halak was in goal for this one. So Carey Price isn’t the only one who lets in five or more goals a game.

This makes eight losses out of ten. And that means that maybe we might want to check the standings a little closer from here on in. Montreal hasn’t exactly locked up a playoff spot. In fact, they’re only six points away from not making the playoffs.

So the show continues Wednesday when the boys head up the road to Edmonton. I’m starting to think that cricket might be a fun sport to follow.

6 thoughts on “Flames Burn Habs On Another Lousy Night”

  1. It’s all an elaborate plan. I’m going to the game in Edmonton on Wednesday, and Carbo and the gang decided that they’d make the win all the more exciting for me but stinking it up for a month or so beforehand.

    I’m determined that this is true.

  2. I was listening to Pierre McGuire this morning on the radio. He said there was a game in Nashville in 1999 where the Habs stunk up the joint. In that game, the Habs gave up two shorthanded goals, left the goalie out to dry, etc. He said that was the worst Habs game he had seen in 42 years or so.

    He then said the last 43 minutes of this game, rivalled that Nashville game.

    Pretty brutal.

    It sounds like it’s time for a major shakeup. I’m normally not one to go in that direction, but it’s sounding like the team needs a wake-up call.

    By the way, the Habs should have traded Alexei Kovalev during the summer. You never would have gotten more for him than you would have at that point. Now, he’s a bad influence on the younger players.

  3. Tom- I partly agree with your post.

    Agree with the Kovy part, I was one that really wanted him traded this summer as it was obvious he would never be able to repeat last season. And now, you’re right, he’s a negative influence. If he left for nothing right now, it would still be addition by subtraction.

    Disagree on the major shakeup though. I might get scorched for typing this but, so what if we don’t make the playoffs?? This team was in rebuilding more 2 years ago and the process is not done. The problem is last year’s performance blinded us to the fact that the rebuilding wasn’t complete and we might actually have taken steps back. So get rid of the veterans UFA, stockpile more young guys and draft picks, and keep building.
    I sure hope Gainey doesn’t sell half the farm for an ‘impact player’ because we’re FAR from being only 1 player away from a contender.

  4. I think it’s about time we stopped looking at the goalies as even a little bit of the reason why this team is slumping. Halak was making save after great save last night until the Canadiens decided to forget that there was a net back at their end of the ice and that yes, you have to defend your own end of the ice if you if you plan on winning. Calgary is a fast and physical team, but that’s not an excuse to get outshot 33 -13 over two periods. I don’t know what happened in the third; I refused to watch. I’m not a big fan of coaching changes, but I think if this pathetic play continues for another few games it will be time to bring in a real disciplinarian, because Carbonneau doesn’t appear to be able to get in his team’s collective faces and shake them out of their daydreams. Maybe all of us who were upset when Julien got fired were actually right.

  5. Maybe it’s not a great time to say thind but I’d just like to make a shout out to my hametown hockey hero, Matthew Lombardi. The Hudsonite had a great game, at the habs’ expense

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