Flames Blog Says Habs Have No Chance

From The C of Red, a Calgary Flames blog that shows absolutely no respect for the Habs. In their opinion, the Canadiens shouldn’t even skate on the same ice as the mighty Calgary Flames.  Heck, we don’t even get a three star. 

GWG: Moss/Prust (1), Gorges/Gionta (1)
PlusMinus: Bouwmeester (3)/Langkow/Regehr/Dawes(Minus2), Gorges (3)/Mara/Gill/Kostitsyn (Minus1)

Record: CGY:2-0-0  MTL: 2-0-0
Points: CGY: 4 MTL: 4
Rank: CGY: NHL: 4 Conference: 4 Division: 2  MTL:  NHL: 2 Conference: 2 Division: 1
PP: CGY: 2 @ 66.7 MTL: 17 @ 20.0
PK: CGY: 6 @ 75.0 MTL: 7 @ 70.0
GF: CGY: 9, MTL: 6
GA: CGY: 6, MTL: 4

The Skinny:

Cammys first game back since he signed with Montreal, look for some hazing from Calgary and possibly an inflated output from Cammy trying to show up his old team.

It’s early in the season and both teams only have two regular season games under their belts, and while both teams do look good, theirs still plenty to work out for each side.

Montreal has the Vancouver Canucks to deal with tommorow, they may want to leave something in the tank.

Expect a multi-supportive crowd, lot’s of Montreal fans around.

Markov is out for four months following a gruesome sounding Tendon Laceration in his ankle, further hampering Montreals attempts at cohesion.

Both teams roll into the Dome undefeated.

Calgary has more goals then Montreal, but Montreal has fewer goals against.

Montreal is a smaller team and needs to work on showing aggression.

Calgary has flashes of a phenomenal defensive system.

Calgary is a big tough team and will end up bullying Montreal.

Montreal has been winning on luck, being outplayed for the majority of the game.

My Predictions:

5-2 Calgary

3 Stars

3. Moss

2. Iginla

1. Kipprusoff

2 thoughts on “Flames Blog Says Habs Have No Chance”

  1. Oh ye of little faith, you didn’t factor in the Priceberg standing on his head. We hope. To whet the appetitie, the Sens/Laffs game is on at 7:00 PM on TSN. I’ll be rooting for the Sens & Kovy, natch.

  2. They also didn’t factor that Montreal’s a good team. This reminds me of the way Boston bloggers talked about the difference between their team and the Habs last year. All it does, for me at least, is make me root against them (Calgary and Boston) more and more, even when they’re playing other teams.

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