First Day On The Job

Luci and I didn’t move to Montreal just so we could gaze at the St. Lawrence Seaway. We came here so I could work for Classic Auctions, and today was my first day.

My job is to describe items for their auction catalogues and website, and that’s what I did a little of today, along with getting good tips from a nice fellow named Frank. And because Luci and I had become nervous wrecks trying to find a place to live and getting lost every day, it re-routed much of the anxiety I probably would have had if everything had gone smoothly beforehand.

A fine example of why stress and anxiety can be good for you.

It was a good day, this first one. I got through it.

Tomorrow I’ll do it again, with different stuff. And I have to do a solid job. It’s serious business at Classic Auctions.


4 thoughts on “First Day On The Job”

  1. Dennis – What part of town did you & Luci ended up settling in ?

    PS – Good Luck at your new job.

  2. Martin, the original plan was to live downtown but then we kept hearing and seeing the ridiculous traffic on and around the bridges. Then we looked everywhere but every place didn’t include a fridge and stove, which I’ve never seen before. Finally we found a place in St. Hubert owned by a Russian woman and it’s big and nice. I’m not crazy about the burbs but that’s the way it is at this time. And it is a nice place so I shouldn’t complain.

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