Firecrackers In The Church With Doug Harvey Junior


Last year I had nice, long chat on the phone with Doug Harvey Junior. He’s 58 now, and he told me great stories about how the Rocket, Moore, Beliveau and all the boys would come over to the house. He told me about going to games at the old Forum and having to wait with his mother as dad signed every autograph for every fan. Doug Junior is a really good guy.

I wrote a story about this conversation and it was posted here last January, called ‘Remembering Doug Harvey.’ (You can find it in ‘search’.)

Just recently, a man read this story and sent in a comment, explaining that he lived two doors down from the Harvey’s in Montreal when he was a kid, and Dougie Junior was his best friend.

The fellow, Peter Galoska, was kind enough to let me share his comment with you in today’s post.

“I lived at 4560 St. Ignatius Avenue, two doors down from Mr. Harvey, and Dougie Junior was my best friend. Along with Johnnie Beatty, another boy on our dead-end street located between Somerled Avenue and the Loyola campus, we terrorized the neighbourhood. It was typical boy-kid mischief stuff like ringing doorbells and running away, throwing snowballs at city buses, and lighting firecrackers off in the local church (OOPS – I wasn’t supposed to give that one away!).

I will never forget Mr. Harvey’s generosity with his time – he was quite often the guest speaker at our Coronation Park hockey league’s year-end banquet and I would burst with pride being able to tell my friends that I knew him personally!

Dougie Jr. and I were always in trouble for some mischief or other – finally, when I was 11, in 1961, my family moved away from St. Ignatius and out to Pointe Claire – this slowed down the amount of time that Dougie and I spent together and we finally drifted away from each other.

It was good to hear him quoted in this article after all these years…one thing that I do remember about Dougie was that he really did seem oblivious about his dad being a star – he never used it to be better than anyone else and he couldn’t really understand why we thought it was such a big thing!”

Peter Galoska

2 thoughts on “Firecrackers In The Church With Doug Harvey Junior”

  1. I grew up in NDG and played pee wee hockey with Doug Junior. His Dad was the nicest and most encouraging man. He used to referee a few games and also help shovel the snow off the outdoor rink with my Dad.

    He sent me to the penalty box once and then came over and said words to the effect – ” you are small and fast and shouldn’t take penalties – you should draw them ” Good advise to a little squirt.

    As teens Doug Jr and I had alot of laughs at his cottage. We were a bit wild but always in good fun. If you have Doug Jr’s email I would like to say hello.

    Cheers Gordon

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