Finns Clobber Yanks

Team Finland demolished the U.S. 5-0 today to capture the bronze medal, and that’s it for the Americans who had begun Sochi  by lookin’ good with a taste for gold.

But it all changed on Friday when Carey Price and company edged them 1-0.

You could see that the Americans weren’t all that into it. Canada most certainly had ripped the enthusiasm out of them, and bronze wasn’t all that worth fighting for, I suppose.

The great Teemu Selanne scored twice in his last of four different Olympics, and maybe this had inspired his Finnish teammates as well.

Or maybe it was Patrick Kane missing on two penalty shot attempts that burst the balloon. Whatever, both the American men and women definitely aren’t crazy right now about how things ended up.

Now we focus on just one more game – the big one, tomorrow at 6 am ET, when Canada and Sweden go for gold. (I thought it was 7 am but they kept saying today it’s 6).

I don’t know about you, but I’m setting the alarm. And if you get up at 6 and it starts at 7, don’t blame me.


8 thoughts on “Finns Clobber Yanks”

  1. DK, I think the game starts at 7:am but the pregame starts at 6:am. If I was an American I would be po’d by their lack luster effort, as though the bronze medal was not worth competing for. I know they were disappointed by yesterdays result, but if they didn’t care they may as well have taken a flight out yesterday!

  2. Absolutely, Mike. the Yanks didn’t show any heart. They didn’t show any character or much of anything. Good for Finland for playing like they wanted it.

  3. The game starts at 4 am here.The pregame at 3 am.Stay up or get up early?Cripes … we old guys need our rest!

    In North American team sports a third place finish is not important.The US boys were definitely not into the game.It was strange that the US were blanked in the last two games after being an offensive jugernaut.Brian Burke needs a haircut!!!

    Carey must continue his excellent play.The game will match two contrasting styles.Will be tense.

    The hockey games have been generally pretty lackluster,outside of a few matches(eg. Russia vs USA,Canada vs USA).The hockey games have been a little too friendly.Compare that to the hate between the US and Canada gals.

    Russia needs a North American coach to kick them in the butts!I would’ve loved to see John Tortorella behind the Russian bench.

  4. One and a while the camera pointed to Ovetchkin in the stands — both at the Can/Us game and the game this morning — can’t help feeling sorry for him.

  5. It’s his own fault, Marjo. He and his friends played like individuals instead of a team. I think he’s learning that that there’s a difference between North American and European hockey soul.

  6. The American effort was pathetic and shameful. It reminded me of the team’s performance in 1998 (and one was that echoed by Canada that year in the Bronze Medal game). Hopefully, Canada will play better in about 10 minutes…………

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