Finish It Tonight Please

Bury them tonight and be done with it.

Because even though Tampa’s chances of winning this series are slim to none, coming back from being down 3 games has been done before – Toronto over Detroit in 1942 to win the Cup, the Islanders in 1975 over Pittsburgh in the quarterfinals, and Philadelphia over Boston in the Eastern semifinals.

But I like our chances in so many ways. And a nice rest while other teams pound each other means healing wounds, working on the power play, and not getting injured.

As they say, why wait for Christmas, do it now.




30 thoughts on “Finish It Tonight Please”

  1. When you have a chance to close a team out, you must do it. History has shown that teams which fail to do so often end up regretting those missed opportunities.

  2. We’ll win because we’re better!

    It just amazes me that not one national squeaking voice acknowledges a run of 14 wins in 18 games during the roughest part of the schedule. Les Glorieux has been playing better hockey than anyone since returning from the West Coast, period. After tonight, we’ll hear about being rusty from such a long layoff before game 1 against Detroit. And then against whatever fodder comes from the other division. And then in the final.

    When the first line clicks, then what will they sling? Took long enough? Rearrange the banners, #25 is weeks away! GHG!

  3. You’re so right, Mike. 14 wins in 18 games during the toughest stretch of the season. It’s great of you to remind everyone, and it’s something I should’ve been doing too. (Although I post my S.H.I.T.S. often, which shows it). Great points you make here.

  4. It’ll be tough for Tampa to come back down 3-0, Ian, but I hear what you’re saying. Just get it done, boys. The sooner the better.

  5. And Dennis, you forgot MTL/WSH in 2010!!! Weren’t we down by three, turn around and win four in a row??

  6. Marjo, Montreal won the first game against Washington, then lost the next three before winning the last three. So they were never down 3-0 in the series.

  7. No, Marjo–Montreal was down three games to one in that series. The Habs won game one and then lost the next three before winning the last three games of the series.

    I know that the Habs won game one of that series because I was there! 🙂

  8. I wonder what the percentage is of games we won on Tuesday nights this season. That might be symbolic tonight!!!

  9. How about the correlation with the weather? It seemed to me that whenever we had a snow storm or a low atmospheric pressure, we tanked.

  10. Hah! Marjo, I don’t how to look that one up. What was the weather like when you were at the Bell and the boys made that great comeback? And what was it like when you were there and they played that dismal game against LA?

  11. Cheers looking forward to the game and seeing MaxP & line 1 kick something in. And the logic behind me bringing up the Rocket’s record in the playoffs is Big Bourque. He might be the guy to break standings . Wldn’tthat be something? Some doomygloomy dj on cjad starting goin’ weird saying hes gota bad feeling blablabla that’s superstitious nonsense but it’s typical of Montreal habs fans whether they like it or not they get spooked by the prospect of winning! Not me. Anyhow, may the great spirit of players fill the bell center bringing us a great game and an undoubted victory.

  12. Not me either, William. I stay hopeful and optimistic for every game and it’s been that way all my life. That’s how I like to cheer for my Canadiens and I’m happy you’re the same way. Go Habs!

  13. The game against Ottawa, it was very windy and kinda cold. The LA game was not raining but kinda cold. Dammit I ‘ve had a bad feeling all day about tonight. Gotta stop this feeling.

  14. Marjo, you’ve got a case of the jitters. That’s fine. It’ll feel so much better when they win.

  15. All I know is the Habs have an excellent record whenever there is visable cleavage directly behind Michel Therrien on the bench! 😆

  16. Marjo, you sound a lot like Dennis & I in are younger day’s just before an important playoff game. After the first couple of hits & shifts the willies were gone. Same for tonight for our guy’s hold on, hang in & we will do what’s needed—-a WIN!!! I think a nice couple of glasses of wine just might mellow the butterflies.
    Cheers Mike

  17. It’s critical that the Habs work hard tonight and try to finish. Asking for four straight is easy. These two teams are evenly matched but I have to admit the Habs are separating themselves from TB.

    So much media focused on Emelin’s knee to Stamkos head. I actually thought he was concussed. And seeing him stagger around afterwards verified a concussion. Then, seeing him return to the ice in the third tells me he was either playing injured or was trying to get his team an advantage by having Emelin penalized. I’m tired of player embellishments. This rarely happened in the 70’s and 80’s. It goes on too much. I hate seeing players whiplash their necks when a stick touches a foot below their necks. Disgusting and time for this to stop. We babysit and protect these rich, soft hockey players too much. They get paid 20X the average wage earner so let them earn. There are risks to playing hockey and they need to start earning their millions. So stop talking about how glad we are when they are not injured. Its their choice when they cash their cheques and step on the ice. I enjoy players like Gallagher who earn their keep. If we had another 10% of players like him, the NHL would be a hell of a league. Frankly, the only injuries I care about are those to Hab players. Seeing players from other teams get injured doesn’t bother me one bit. Not hoping for them but not giving a shit as well. Maybe just my cynicism from bad Habs teams and bad Habs management these past 20 years.

  18. I have a feeling Tampa’s going to crash the net big time. On another note, aren’t we glad Malone is out??

  19. Hello there Mayo!!! I don’t know much about you but it seems there ‘s a GOOD burr under your socks tonight!!!Appreciate your enthusiasm— but could I be your neighbor for the duration of these playoffs.? I need a shot of confidence and MAYBE some attitude towards opposing teams fans. Maybe why I’m a fan of ‘ole # 22— took crap from NO_ONE, as a player or as manager. And YES Gally got another one!!! Happy game Mayo.

  20. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!to all you encouragers of Hab Land. I was nervous as the spelling errors but they did it for us!!!

  21. The second best news of the evening could be Glenn Healy finally offed himself after Montreal won…

  22. I didn’t get the CBC feed, but I heard that the announcing was over-the-top in favour of Tampa tonight, and that after the game, all they could talk about was lucky breaks, French refs, etc.

    There is a reason why Montreal fans despise the CBC. Hopefully, Rogers will do better next season.

  23. What a night! What a nail-biter! I must admit, I thought we were doomed when it was tied…I will never doubt my Habs again. Onward we charge!!!!

    Screw CBC. Last time I checked, Chris Lee was an anglophone. A bunch of bigots they are, the whole lot of them. Vive RDS, where broadcasting is MATURE!!

    Go Habs Go!!!!!!!

  24. I deliberately turned up NHiACC between the 1st and 2nd to catch Mary Cherry and the Morons. Even for in-game analysis TSN690 blasts their socks off! Bartlett and Sergio do a great job.

    And we have FOUR scoring lines, nice insight by HNiACC…

  25. It wasn’t easy.

    But the Habs showed up with their lunch pails, wearing their work boots, ready to go.

    Game four is the hardest of all to win. And they did it!


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