Finger-Ference Fined

Andrew Ference just got dinged $2500 for asking permission to stick his finger up our asses. No Andrew, you can’t stick your finger up our asses. Up your friends’ asses, absolutely. They might enjoy it. But not us. So don’t ask again.

Or you could stick it up your own ass. You wouldn’t need permission for that. Geez I feel sorry for his glove.

$2500 for a guy with a $2.25 million contract is nothing for the smelly-fingered defenceman. It’s a couple of nights out on the town. Or a year’s supply of finger soap.

Maybe he’d really enjoy a Travis Moen stick up his ass. Moen could make him moan.

10 thoughts on “Finger-Ference Fined”

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. I guess one thing Pouliot did right this series is beat this guy up. I mean that was simply a ridiculous thing to do.

    Don’t expect any suspension of course, it’s the Bruins ffs.

  2. Even worse, Habs in Depth, is that Bruins fans are loving it. I’ve been reading their reactions all morning and find most of them disgusting. And about Pouliot, at least he showed some edge like you say. If he could only do it without hurting the team.

  3. Yah i read the Boston Herald today. Media doesn’t help: “Poster for the walls”? I mean right! Bruins fans will of course love it, no questions asked, they are as classless as their team.

  4. I doubt it’s even a couple nights out. He’ll spend several times that drowning his miseries the weekend after Montreal ends his post-season. Maybe a couple less lap dances that night.

    $2500 is the maximum allowed by the joke of a CBA. Like you said, that’s nothing, the equivalent of $50-100 for the rest of us.

  5. Chris, what says even more about the guy is he blamed it on his glove. He should have owned up and said he was out of line and shouldn’t have done it. Bruins fans are loving it which also says a lot.

  6. It takes a mature grown man to own up to his mistakes and apologize. Ference blaming his glove and apologizing on its behalf shows that he’s a spoiled little brat. Instead of the fine, he should have been given a spanking.

  7. I bet you there are over 20,000 fingers in Montreal waiting for him to come back for game six. Wow, what an entry that would be for Guiness Records…that many fingers up a guy’s ass all at once! By the way, if the officials would have been watching the same game, P.K would have had the winning goal. Like Stock showed on Sportscentre, that shot was on an unseen off-side. But actually, I’m not worried at all because we’re gonna do it the old fashioned way. We win in Beantown then send them golfing at home. My prediction for the next game is, believe it or not, Gomez on a breakaway. He’s due and after last night’s performance by the Canuckleheads, there’s a much better chance that the Habs are gonna be Canada’s only hope. Cheers everyone and Dennis, if you hear Stevie Ray’s ” House Is A Rockin “, don’t blame your neighbours. It’s just me celebrating every Habs goal. Happy Easter.

  8. Ya know, Dennis, this is what gets me. The Bruins fans yell bloody murder when their anthem is booed. But what seethes through the cracksAnd no one notices are all the comments you say you read at the Bruins fan blogs about the bird flipping. I haven’t read any of their stuff today but I would bet my last dollar that the remarks had huge amounts of racial remarks.

    But that’s ok, right?

  9. Marjo, Bruins fans thought Ference was a saint for doing the finger thing. And yes, racial stuff gets thrown in often. There is however, one group of fans who make Bruins fans look like altar boys. Philadelphia fans. They’re a vicious lot. Go Buffalo.

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