Fine Montreal Moment

Luci was halfway through a walk to Walmart yesterday when the sky opened and rain poured down. A Montreal city bus driver driving by stopped, picked her up, and dropped her off at Walmart, all out of the goodness of his heart.

I thought this was darn nice. Never seen it before.

9 thoughts on “Fine Montreal Moment”

  1. That is so nice. It’s nice to see there are still good people out there.

    What happened to me once was I waiting at a bus stop in the pouring rain and getting drenched. The bus came alright, but he decided to park 10 feet away and have a ten minute break. So he left me out there in the rain while he casually walked around in his bus. Bah!

    I am glad he did that though, that’s a really nice gesture.

  2. He must have been from out of town–I grew up in Montreal, and my experiences with the bus drivers in the city (and I rode the buses and metro A LOT) were more like that experienced by Darth Alexander!

    Still, I’m glad that your wife came across a nice driver!

  3. Hey Dennis, Well that’s always a nice gesture on the bus driver’s part, nice to see some people are still able to kind and helpful eh.I hope all is working well for you folks in your new home.

  4. Hi Derry. Yes, we both felt it was nice gesture. I can’t ever remember seeing that before. It really was appreciated by Luci too. All’s going well here. The job keeps my thinking cap on, although it falls off from time to time.

  5. Far cry from what your previous employer did to a young woman who was left stranded on one of the Gulf Islands because she was $.10 short on her ferry card.

  6. Beatnik, I don’t know about other places but I know Saltery Bay ticket agents lots of times paid out of their own pockets to help passengers who were short. Sometimes they were eventually paid back and often they weren’t. BC Ferries gets a bad rap when something bad happens but the public rarely hears about the many times they’ve helped others who needed it. I would say the good things outweigh by a country mile the bad incidents like the one you mention.

  7. I hear ya and I’ve seen the good stuff happen. This one hit every TV news report and newspaper. Like you say “They don’t report that”.

  8. There are nice bus drivers everywhere and shitty bus drivers everywhere. The law of averages demands it.

  9. Sometimes it feels like acts of kindness and consideration are rare commodities these days. Then out of the blue somebody restores your faith in humanity.

    Cheers to all the people out there who are trying to help other people out in big ways and small ones.

    Even a little thing can make a big difference to someone.

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