Finding Positives On A Sinking Ship

They played with determination and spunk, and still managed to lose their sixth straight by falling 2-1 to the Florida Panthers.

In four of the Canadiens six straight losses, they’ve scored just once per game. And they were shut out on opening night in Toronto. These guys fire so many blanks, the Octomom could live with a dozen of them and she’d never get pregnant.

Where have we seen this before? Almost every game, that’s where. The Habs look great for half the game and hold a slim lead, but slowly but surely, the other team climbs back into it and skates away with two points. There are five million Habs fans who are mighty sick of this story. It’s become old with ripped pages and we need a book-burning session.

And of course another injury occured to an important player as Max Pacioretty seemed to twist something down below and we wait for details. Sure, let’s lose Patches now. And then after that, who’s next? Gionta? Subban? Price?

But, surprisingly, there were some positives. Erik Cole played a fine game, scoring his team’s lone goal and creating several good chances as he charged up the ice, moved the puck well, and buzzed around in enemy territory.

Lars Eller played with smarts, skill, and growing confidence, and is fast becoming one of our best and most talented players.

Seeing Jaroslav Spacek back seemed to have a calming effect on things, it did for me, and showed how priceless experience can be in so many subtle ways. It’s like having grandpa come to visit.

Peter Budaj, in for Carey Price, looked confident and right at home, and made a bunch of solid stops along the way. Budaj, in this game at least, showed he could be a back-up goalie we can rely on and not get nervous about when we hear he’s slated to play. Hopefully he can continue to mirror what was a nice game for him in a losing cause, and maybe he’ll prove to be a definite upgrade on Alex Auld.

And last but not least, there are several teams in the eastern conference with not many more points than Montreal, if you can believe it. So even a modest couple of wins could move the Canadiens up considerably.

Wow, is that positive or what?

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, 41 Montreal, 31 them. Firing blanks.

This thing could continue to slide. Philadelphia on Wednesday, Boston on Thursday, and then Boston again on Saturday. I suppose if the Canadiens play like they did tonight, with a few more goals scored, anything’s possible.

But I’m not holding breath.

25 thoughts on “Finding Positives On A Sinking Ship”

  1. Sadly Dennis I think tonight was our once chance of a win this week. Philly and Boston will nail us.

    We made history tonight. For the first time in our entire history we’ve lost 5 straight at home. Wednesday will be 6 and Saturday possibly 7. Unbelievable. They even booed PK tonight!

    I swear I feel sick. This on top of the Darche accusations…jeez. What a rotten month.

    Feeling excited all summer for this? What a let-down. I’m trying to find some positives here to cheer me up. Eller is getting better. We didn’t have to see Gomez’s face. Cole is getting better (funny how all of a sudden he was used more eh?).

    They really need to practice more offensive drills. I can’t say it enough. All these shots and nothing to show for it? If Theo had been in for Florida I’m not even sure we would have won. This is a total disaster.

  2. Hey Dennis,You know,I only saw the last period,hopefully the last before the Habsallpause.This was very unmotivational hockey,or so I figured.Their breakout fron the end zone was like a breakout from the Canadian Mint with that big gold brick they have on a chain there,wasn’t happening.I like your idea of being positive though,the Habs will eventually get their shit together,just hoping it comes real soon,oh ya Lynda says hello to you and Lucy.

  3. Darth, I think they are playing better, though. For what it’s worth. Nice to see Spacek back. And you said it, – and those shots and nothing for it. Firing blanks.

  4. Derry, I think they need fresh life, which means a coaching change. This is a fast skating team with lots of skill but no finish. How come? And yes, hi to Lynda too. Please say thanks to her.

  5. It’s sad when the Bulldogs routinely fire 5+ goals on Markstrom (hint: get the puck off the ice) while the Habs get 1 (and 2 removed ’cause the refs blindly blew the play dead). I guess no one told Randy who was in nets for the Panthers so he could relay this info to the players. You know, how like no one told Eller the Leafs made a goalie change.

    They also apparently didn’t tell Cole he scored a goal. Ain’t that great?

    It’s really annoying living here right now. Not only is the weather crap, and has been crap since the season started…we saw the sun this morning! And then, out of the blue, it started to pour cold rain before the game started. I got soaked.

    I want to wake up to the news that Randy Cunneyworth gets the team on interim. Instead I’ll just wake up to idiots on the radio making sarcastic snide remarks because they think they’re smart.

  6. I’ll bet it’s annoying there right now, #31. I can only imagine, weather aside, what the buzz is like. It certainly has been a lousy October, spirit-wise for sure. Things are so depressing right now and the only way I see a real change is to get rid of the coach. And somehow, our so-called scoring types might want to start scoring. Budaj had a good game and when the team in front of him only scores once, it must be frustrating. I’m really hating this. it’s not been often over the years when we’ve seen the guys in the cellar. I also didn’t like those quick whistles and I made a mental note when the ref waited for seconds it seemed before blowing it dead when there were scrambles in our crease.

  7. Dennis, Number31 is right – you should see how miserable it is here. We have to put up with crappy roads, construction, high taxes, horrible weather, lousy politicians, and the Habs are one thing that make us all happy. Now even they don’t bring us any joy. The radio shows are even more depressing.

  8. watched the 1st period, recognized the pattern and turned it off not only for my own well being but to spare the good people around me from being witness to the constant barrage of disgusting language hurled at the screen. i find out what i need to know from less frustrating…….. i have extended my hit list to include gauthier.

  9. Darth, dark days all round in your beautiful city. At least the Expos are doing well. Oops.
    Damn I miss the Expos. It was a hge dream of mine to see them in the World Series. And I can just imagine the radio shows. But if folks are calling in demanding the heads of Martin, Gauthier, and Gomez, then I’m on their side.

  10. I’m just wondering if the fans are so fed up by now that they’ll stop singing Olé, olé, olé. olé and instead start singing Hit the Road Jack.

    I can`t believe what`s happening. There doesn`t seem to be any way out of this and it really looks like the season is lost now especially with Pacioretty out with what is reported to be a wrist injury.

    Before the season started I was very optimistic about this team going far and I was not alone. But then the perfect storm erupted and blew all our hopes away.

    Now it’s beginning to look like all that`s left to do is pick up the pieces and try to start all over again.

    Following the Habs is one of the few things that help me get through the winter, which I destest.

    Couldn`t they at least have waited until March before having this meltdown?

    It makes no sense at all.

  11. Hobo, I’m changing my tune about Gauthier too. But first things first – shake up the team by getting rid of the coach. It’s time now.

  12. Danno, I was so optimistic I couldn’t wait for the season. But we got a hint of what we were in for during preseason. I haven’t given up yet. But I need a new coach to start with. Otherwise, it’s going to be the same old thing, although they will win a few games here and there. Now we wait to see how long Max is out. This whole story – I can’t believe it. And if Martin keeps his job, any respect I may have had for Gautheir flies away.

  13. I did have a feeling that October would be a bad month and that things will pick up after that and it will eventually lead to a Cup win. Right now we are having a horrible month (to say the least)…so maybe I’ll be right after all? God do I ever wish.

    Sad thing is, we will need to have a lot of success and win like crazy from here on out to even make the playoffs. This may be a very long season for us all.

    Least with Boston playing the way it is I doubt we have to worry about THEM winning the Cup again. We’ll just have to think of who to root for in the playoffs now if we don’t make it. Go Toronto?

  14. darth
    if the habs don’t make it it really doesn’t matter who wins. if the bruins can dig themselves out of their rut and go on that’s fine with me. it really doesn’t matter………….. i’m starting to get a lot of emails from friends of mine who are leaf fans, yes i do have some friends totally lacking in taste but i like them as people. misery loves company.

  15. I want the Habs to win it all every year but if it’s not them I need someone to root for (although admittedly it’s not the same).

    So I guess we’ll all be one miserable bunch this year. One really odd thing is that they are using Emelin as a forward today in practice. I think they’re really grasping at straws now.

  16. Darth, there’s no one else to cheer for. They’re all the enemy. Emelin as forward….hmmm. Why not? He’s a good skater and might turn out to be a natural forward. Red Kelly went from all-star defenceman to all-star forward. Byfuglien does it too.

  17. Thank God for my PVR as I fast foreward in the morning & watch the game. It’s getting to the point were I will high speed the game & watch the commercials!
    Fed up from the East!!!!

  18. Ugh. Where to begin?

    Start out with the positives.

    Budaj played an excellent game and kept it close.
    Habs’ offense has become more aggressive and less conservative

    The Negatives. There’s just too many so I’ll just cover the two biggies.

    Offence doesn’t click unless the game is high scoring. They’re only able to score multiple goals, if the opponent has multiple goals.
    Defence is too young. The Defence is the backbone of the team, and it’s no good when it’s filled with inexperienced kids. It’s starting to get better, they’ve got Spacek back. But the team is missing Markov more than ever.

    Sticking to the game though.
    I have to give it to Marksson though. He played a hell of a game, and robbed the Habs from a couple of possible goals.

  19. Phil, for me the main problem is, and it seems it’s the same problem most years, is that not everyone is playing well at the same time and the scorers aren’t scoring as much as they should. We should have about four 30 goal scorers and we never do.

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