Finally Subban!

Of course I’m at work and couldn’t get on this right away, but thanks to those who gave me the heads up in emails and the comments section of my previous post as soon as it happened.

Our guy signs for two years, with the first being 2 million clams, then $3.75 the second. Great news. Now the lads can get on with the task of being a solid contender, although we need Max back.

I really didn’t know if P.K. and Marc Bergevin would get this inked or not. The two sides seemed just too far apart. Now it’s done, but you have to wonder why a contract of this type couldn’t have been finalized earlier. Make P.K. was just getting too antsy and needed it to be wrapped up, plain and simple.

P.K. will get the bigger bucks down the road. And it’ll be mega bucks if he becomes a Norris Trophy candidate, which I think he’ll be.

9 thoughts on “Finally Subban!”

  1. I’m guessing Subban will be in game shape by the weekend, and Kaberle to be back by then too. Last Friday I saw reports that Weber was grumbling about his lack of ice-time. With eight healthy defencemen all on one way contracts, I expect some interesting trade rumours to begin.

  2. The Kane household will be bursting with with broken coffee tables, couches and sore throats as P.K. takes the puck AND MY HEART up ice and every one hollers SHOOT— a back pass to Emilen & bingo a goal!! Game puck to Thornbush. I,m glad he,s back & bet he’s matured too.

  3. Weber is on his way out (at least that’s thought to be the case here) and I think Eller might be possibly going. I hope not because Eller could still become something.

    If he does go, that means we got sweet FA in the Halak trade.

    In two years time the Habs will have tons of cap space. PK is going to make one hell of a chunk of change then.

  4. Darth, if only something could be done with Kaberle. Remember when Eller got his four goals one night? That was so sweet, and we thought he was on his way. But he’s sort of gone in reverse. Almost like some nights he’s only going through the motions. Too bad.

  5. Peter Hab, this contract thing was maybe a wake up call for him. He saw that many fans weren’t on his side. Maybe the whole experience was good for him.

  6. Christopher, for me, Weber can grumble all he wants. He hasn’t exactly made his mark, and if this is a business, the business is to win. If he wants more ice time, he has to play like a seasoned and solid defenceman. If he’s only ordinary, it’s not enough.

  7. DK, I wonder how PK’s going to be welcomed back after all this ego BS. I mean he holds out on his team mates & pretty well took what was offered in the first place. I’m sure behind some locker doors there are some satisfied smiles that MG did’nt cave!!

  8. I agree, Mike. Bergevin didn’t cave. It was amazing. Subban signed for less than what most thought. Therrien keeps sending out signals that PK needs to fall in line better. It’s hard to read between the lines though.

  9. I don’t think the players will hold it against PK for holding out for his worth. If anything they’ll appreciate how much he wanted to stay in Montreal. It’s fairly unanimous that he signed for much less than he’s worth.

    They’re probably much more upset that the owners are already colluding against the players. If PK had signed an offer sheet by another team with a similar contract, all the Canadiens would have received in compensation would have been a second round draft pick.

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