Finally – Opening Night! Habs, Sabres, And Dangerous Goods Get Under Way

Maybe I can get it on the hotel TV. I don’t know. But all I know is I’m in Courtenay BC for two days for a Dangerous Goods course (Ferries-related stuff that some of the crew, including me, need to know) and timing is less than great, this being opening night for the Canadiens against the Buffalo Sabres.


The course couldn’t have been yesterday, or last week or next week, or last month. Nope. It had to be opening night.


I don’t know if I’ll be able at all to post anything relevant to this special night so I’d like to suggest that for absolutely everything you’ll want to know about what went on tonight, just read Robert at Eyes on the Prize. He’ll fill you in like nobody else can.


And while you’re at it, have a look at a bright lady in Buffalo who loves her Sabres, and you can get a different perspective from her. She’s really fun to read, she makes you smile, she’s a talented writer, and I think deep down she likes Maxim Lapierre just a little bit. But she’s all-Sabres through and through. She just turned twenty one, and she’s great. She’s Danielleia at Sabre Kallisions.


Meanwhile, I’ll be moping about, watching for highlights on TV in the bar while eating honey garlic chicken wings and drinking cold draught.

You know what? On second thought, maybe this won’t be so bad afterall! And who knows, the game might even be televised in the pub.


Later on I could do a post about Dangerous Goods. It would be riveting.  I could even tie Georges Laraque, who’s still having groin problems, into it somehow.


George ‘Dangerous Goods’ Laraque.

4 thoughts on “Finally – Opening Night! Habs, Sabres, And Dangerous Goods Get Under Way”

  1. Is the game even on English TV? I don’t even look anymore. I just turn on RDS and watch the game there, even though I don’t have any clue what they are saying (except for “Il et but”, but I’m pretty sure I’m not spelling that correctly).

    But to me, hockey isn’t hockey unless it’s in a language I don’t understand.

    Go Habs!

  2. et le but

    hi dennis the game is on rds, i sugest you bring your laptop and follow the game play by play,,this ferry stuff is anoying sometime he.he…lance et conte


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