13 thoughts on “Fight Night In Toronto”

  1. I agree, that’s the big issue. As big a Price fan as I’ve been, though, his play late last season and in the playoffs has me very concerned.

  2. Clarkson may get suspended several games for leaving the bench and Kessel may also get a few games off for impersonating a lumberjack.

  3. Max came very close to getting that hat trick and was awarded the first star of the game. He seems to have a lot more speed than before which will make him very dangerous. Glad to see Whitey get the game winner.

  4. Dano—nevermind Mr Pacioretty being pretty happy—- I AM PRETTY HAPPY!!!!! Didn’t see the game but I’ll take the goals and assists and have a good sleep.

  5. I remember a few years ago Mike Cammalleri was suspended for one game after slashing NY Islander’s Nino Niederreiter during an exhibition match. But it was a regular-season game. Kessel should have got at least that as a punishment or more since he took a cheap shot and speared Scott later on when he was tied up in a crowd of Leaf enforcers.

  6. And he did like you said, Danno, pretended he a logger. I thought that was ridiculous.The whole fiasco was. The other guy was 6’8, 250 pounds. But maybe Kessel was such an asshole when they were near each other that the guy said the hell with the fact he’s smaller.

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