Feet In Slippers, Coffee In Cup, Air In Wallet

My actual birthday present was our recent trip to California, which is no slouch of a birthday present by any stretch, but my wife handed these to me today. I love all three, especially the Habs wallet. Maybe someday I’ll have something to put in it.

4 thoughts on “Feet In Slippers, Coffee In Cup, Air In Wallet”

  1. Dennis, those look like the slippers and wallet of the owner of the Canadiens. And the mug would go great with some really F@%*ing strong coffee after a night of Kane’s really F@%*ing strong beer.

  2. Nice, Dennis….far more traditional than the authentic Canuck solar powered faux rock and garden gnome that I got for my b-day… I also got an Art Ross 2010 H. Sedin t-shirt (she said braggingly)

    Hope to hear that you had a great day young man.

  3. @Christopher. When I’m owner I’m isnisting that everyone wears slippers like bthese at board meetings. And no brandy in the coffee mug when I’m not looking. We’ve got a team to run.

  4. Jan, I’m sorry we couldn’t get over for your big day. When I finally get days off, they don’t usually coincide with Luciena’s. But someday we’ll get over. I’d love to see that solar powered gnome.

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