Feeling Down About Your Team? I’ve Got The Answer.

If you do it right, the bad becomes swept under the carpet and becomes good very quickly. I have the answer, and if you follow my directions, you’ll probably thank me.

Is it bugging you that the Habs are so mediocre? Are you tired of seeing a lacklustre effort, poor play by almost everyone, and questionable goaltending? Are you fed up looking at the standings and seeing the team on the brink of falling into the depths of hell? Are you sick of the circus, the coach being fired, players this, players that?

Had enough of winter? Hate your job? Depressed?

I have the answer.

Just watch Dancing With The Stars. Have a look at those professional female dancers – Karina, Edyta, Julianne, Kim and the others. Women with the  sleekest, perfect bodies in the history of the world, with moves and rythym and makeup and cleavage and long, wonderful legs. You watch them closely and you’ll forget completely about how lousy the Canadiens are.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Down About Your Team? I’ve Got The Answer.”

  1. Only way that booooring gymno/dance thingamajig could possibly be distracting/interesting is if they were to replace the boy-toys with poles.

  2. True. But, hehe, they could be so so soooo much more … of course, in this culture/society ladies (who, like gents. are biologically pre-programmed) are judged by how `borable’ they are …. oooh, how, well, .. jurassic?

  3. Sunken to a new LOW there DK—I predict some bandwagon-jumpin’ real soon……………

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