Feeble Flop In Florida

A nice young lady in Miami finally decides to go out with a guy who’s been pestering her for awhile, and on the big night he takes her to the Canadiens-Panthers game at the BankAtlantic Centre.

It’s the last time he ever sees her. Because it was the most boring date she’d ever been on.

Habs let us down again, losing 2-1 to the Panthers, being outshot 29-17, leaving our eyes glazed over, and playing like they just flown to Australia and are suffering serious jet lag combined with a trans-continental hangover.

It’s only Florida, boys. You didn’t have to look exhausted.

What are you doing to us? Why are you treating us this way? You play with passion and fire against the Devils and Rangers, then you sleepwalk in Miami? I don’t mind saying it. You really piss me off.

Random Notes:

Hah. I’ve got better things to do than write random notes. What about clipping my toenails. Or cleaning the litter box.

Tampa tomorrow night. Like Toe Blake said, “Predictions are for gypsies.”

Canadiens are in 9th place in the east. That’s the sort of good news. The bad news is they’re only three points away from sitting in 13th.

19 thoughts on “Feeble Flop In Florida”

  1. 17 shots? Were they taking trips to the beach between shifts?

    Teams 10-13 all have enough games in hand to leapfrog us. The only bright side is the Bruins have completely forgotten how to win and the Leafs at 14 have never known.

  2. Do you hear Bill Lindsay calling the game last night in Florida? He told the viewers at home that the “H” in the Habs logo stood for “Habitants”.

    How do these people stay on the air. He should be fired. Wasn’t he a Hab?

  3. Hi Don. I didn’t hear that but he should know better. He did play for the Habs in 2002. For anyone not aware, the CH stands for “Club de Hockey Canadien.” Habitant is just a nickname.

  4. Phil, now we have no idea once again what kind of effort we’ll get from them tonight in Tampa. They’re really starting piss most of us off, I think.

  5. They better play well tonight, or else i’m gonna start yelling out Chinese profanities outside, in COMMUNIST China.

    But seriously, there’s no telling what they’ll do each game, they’re quite the enigma.
    They’re basically really cocky. Once they get hot, they’re on top of the world, and think they can rule all with their pinkies.
    They’ve gotta come back to Earth before the situation worsens

  6. This team is better then what they showed last night.
    They need a captain and they need one now. Someone who will call players out when they are not bringing the kind of effort it takes to win. Someone who can rally the troops and change the game when things are going bad. Someone like Mike Cammalleri.

  7. Isn’t this the yearly trip when the rookies have to pay for dinner?
    Poor Ryan O’Byrne must be reliving some awful memories. (I still think he got played.)

    BTW, totally agree with Puckgone, they need a captain, and now.

  8. I agree, Michel. A captain is what’s needed. Jean Beliveau or Henri Richard and many others would have privately kicked ass after the display last night, as well as with other games recently. Maybe Cammalleri is the choice, I don’t know. But somebody is needed now to wear the “C.”

  9. I just shake my head, and after last night, well now my neck hurts.
    I’m gonna drive down the 400 and go see Dickie Moore, he will know what to do. If not, maybe a little further and see what Wendal Clarke has to say. Just kidding he can’t help. I guess i’ll keep driving and have a talk with Mike Keane in the Peg, he was a good guy. And if nothing comes of that it’s Powell River or bust. I know a guy there who’s pretty smart.

  10. For those of us who just can’t get enough stats…

    Here’s an interactive graphic representation of where Habs and other teams in the Eastern Conference stand in the race for the playoffs.

    It shows their progress throughout the season and if you click on “explain” below the graph on the right it will describe the methods used, abbreviations and how to activate features.

    It also shows you the impact of key games on the chances of your selected team, Habs of course…

    The cool part is you just move your cursor on top of any teams name and that team’s line on the chart lights up.

    You can select any conference or division or even go for the whole league.

    It shows in a very graphic manner just how wild, crazy and tight the race is right now in the Eastern conference.

    A roller-coaster ride indeed!



  11. Holy cow, Danno, what a thing. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure it all out. I’ll give it a shot.

  12. Phil, now that’s devotion, putting your life in danger over lazy play.

    I seem to be in the minority, but I’m not worried about the lack of a “C”. I think someone needs to step up show leadership and act like a captain first. If it would help maybe we should be moving the “A”s around more.

    Danno, holy cow indeed. I’m going to be up all night staring at all those numbers. What really stands out is this one loss dropped our chances of making the playoffs by 7.9% and at the end of the day we were down to 34.3%. We’ll be down to 26.6% if we can’t beat the Lightning tonight.

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