Fearless Predictions

Completely unbiased 2012-13 Stanley Cup predictions:

First Round

Islanders – Pittsburgh      (Pittsburgh)

Ottawa – Montreal       (Montreal)

Rangers – Capitals        (Rangers)

Toronto – Boston        (Boston)

Minnesota – Chicago     (Chicago)

Detroit – Anaheim        (Anaheim)

San Jose – Vancouver        (Vancouver)

L.A. – St. Louis          (L.A.)

Second Round

Pittsburgh – Rangers          (Pittsburgh)

Montreal – Boston           (Montreal)

Chicago – L.A.          (L.A.)

Anaheim – Vancouver          (Anaheim)

Third Round

Montreal – Pittsburgh         (Montreal)

L.A. – Anaheim         (L.A.)


Montreal – L.A.         (Montreal)

The 2012-13 Stanley Cup winner – The Montreal Canadiens!  Ain’t life grand!





6 thoughts on “Fearless Predictions”

  1. My fearless predictions:

    Many repeats of annoying commericals during games.

    Lots of screaming at the tv.

    A bad word or two said during a game…maybe.

    Panelists like the Habs – they’re smart guys.

    Panelists don’t like the Habs – they’re dummies who don’t know their ass from their elbow.

    HNIC praising everyone but us.

    TSN praising everyone but us.

    A riot after every round we win.

    Some PQ party member linking the Habs with Quebec solidarity/seperation/whatever.

    Lots of “please god, get it out of our zone!!!!”

    Watching the Leafs/Bruins series and accidentally cheering for one of them when they score on the other and feeling incredibly dirty and awful for doing so.

    Lots of trying to con our significant others to get us a beer because we’re too lazy to get it ourselves or we don’t want to miss a second of play.

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this at this point in the season but how the heck did Carey Price win Player of the Year? I know it’s the fans who vote but, really? I’d say PK for sure. He.is.the.man.

  3. Hey Dennis you can’t make that final prediction.

    Toronto City council already has the parade planned in Toronto, they have been practicing doing it every year at the start of the season in October

    Now let me get back thinking about how Kessel is to get free from Chara

  4. Marjo, all they did was tabulate from the number of times players won the monthly Molson Cups this season, and Carey won a lot earlier on. So in the end he wins the whole thing.

  5. Sorry Leaf Fan. The parade will be about 400 miles to the east of Hogtown. We need it more than you!!!

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