Falling To Florida

For the third straight game the Canadiens scored just one goal, with Sunday night at the Bell seeing them fall 2-1 to Florida and once again play less than stellar.

When I look at the Scientific Habs Information Tracking System (S.H.I.T.S.), I see that the gang has lost three out of their last four. It’s one of those stretches we have to endure until they give us another lengthy good stretch.

They’re my team through thick and thin.

Canadiens’ scoring woes continue. They failed to find the back of the net until Alex Galchenyuk managed in the third period on the power play, and they were unable to capitalize on a brief two-man advantage late in the game. They’re not going to win a ton of games from here on in unless the scoring begins again. The season gets harder, not easier.

I think they’re a tired bunch. A team that isn’t big and relies on speed is going to wear down a bit when they’re playing a lot of games bunched together. They’re off for about seven days at Christmas and that has to help. The Olympic break will too. There’s some serious batteries to be recharged here.

A couple of big tests coming up, with the Phoenix Coyotes on Tuesday and St. Louis Thursday. Maybe nothing more than a fluky goal will get things going. Or, maybe a big trade isn’t far off.

8 thoughts on “Falling To Florida”

  1. B-O-R-I-N-G. These last few games are extremely boring. Maybe that’s why they stage fights? Speaking of which, our buddy pal Parros is concussed. I hate to say this but didn’t Laraque warn us?

  2. The team showed a lack of effort last night for large stretches of the game. Bottom line, 18 shots and one goal won’t beat many teams, even a bad Florida Panthers squad, no matter where you play them. And, if my math is correct, Montreal has now scored the grand total of three goals over its last 13 periods of hockey. That really is not getting the job done……….

  3. Three goals against bottom feeders, I’m puzzled by the suddenly team wide virus—- Hands Of Stone!

  4. DK, in an earlier story re; Park St. did your Math teacher not take into account how hard it is to calculate a one bank off the side into the corner pocket. Surely you deserved an A+!

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