Faces In The Vancouver Crowd

Sent to me from both Beatnik and Ron, it’s amazing pics of the crowd in downtown Vancouver before the riots began, and in a neat little twist, you can zoom in and see everyone’s faces clearly. I just held the mouse on the ‘plus’ sign over on the left and went right in, but you can play with it different ways I’m sure.

This is the photo taken by Port Moody photographer Ronnie Miranda Friday (24-June).

When you open this up, check the left hand side where you can upsize the photo, and click on the Yellow print “view with GigaTag”.

You can see – perfectly – the faces of every single individual – and there were thousands!

Just think what the police and the military have at their disposal.  Give this a click – Canucks crowd

2 thoughts on “Faces In The Vancouver Crowd”

  1. That is unreal and a little scary Dennis.

    Technology is a double-edged sword.

    Just think what the bosses of employees who called in sick that day could do with this at their disposal.

  2. Danno, a truck driver told me recently one of his prior companies did blood tests on their employees and found marijuana in their system as far back as 24 days, which surprised the heck out of me. I would’ve guessed about 36 hours at the most.

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