Faceless Habs Kid

My Habs kid mannequin, decked out in vintage 1950s/60s kids equipment.

Even the shin pads have the CH logo, and the pants have the red and white stripe, which is important. Otherwise, they could be Leafs pants.

He remained in Powell River, BC until recently but recently rejoined us in Montreal, where we’re now living. (Luci was back for a week and mailed him).



11 thoughts on “Faceless Habs Kid”

  1. Danno, I also had some sticks sent and they came to Montreal and then for whatever reason went back to Vancouver again. Now they’re apparently on their way back again.

  2. OMG it is RoboHab. Very nice I have seen your sweaters before. Looks good!!!
    Looking for information on the 1924-1925 Globe sweaters. Has there any been found other than photos on the web? Building that sweater at present however require a little bit more info.

  3. Hi Scott. Where I work, Classic Auctions,there’s some cool original photos of players wearing those 1924-25 Globe sweaters, but I don’t think any sweaters have ever surfaced. At least as far as I know.

  4. Scott and Dennis: They didn’t put out any replicas of the globe sweaters for the Habs’ 100th anniversary, which is strange because it’s such a cool design.

    Here is a very nice picture from Classic Auctions:


    A close up of the same shot:


    Also, an article from Habs Eye On the Prize on the 1924-25 Canadiens…


  5. It could be in that range, Christopher. It’s hard to know. Gretzky’s went for over $200,000 and Terry Sawchuk’s 1950s sweater went for $50,000.

  6. I am currently working on one however the stumbling block is locating the appropriate style sweater and how the Longitude and Latitude lines are applied. I can guess but would like to be sure before the assembly.

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