19 thoughts on “Faceless And Giant Come Through”

  1. Yeah, it’s getting rough isn’t it Dennis?

    I’m still working on my pictures and most of the time while I’m doing them I’m just sitting there thinking why are they allowing this to happen. The sides really aren’t that apart. Insanity.

    Bettman really needs to step down after this. I can just picture the warm reception he’ll get when he presents the next SC…in 2024. 🙁

  2. One great thing is that some of our prospects are doing pretty damn good. Galchenyuk is turning out to be a real beauty.

  3. Darth, rough it is. It’s tricky enough trying stay interesting through the summer, but now we’re into December and I’m still posting every day. But it’s my decision to do it every day so I have no one blame but myself. I should’ve done a music or Hollywood blog. They don’t have lockouts and it’s year round.
    Anyone heard from Danno lately?

  4. Darth, we have big hopes for Galchenyuk, and yes, he’s leading his team. He needs a nice nickname. How about Chuck?

  5. If you want to talk movies Dennis I can tell you that the new James Bond movie is quite good. I just saw it today.

    I’ve seen Danno on twitter (least I hope it’s the same Danno). He’s probably fed up as well.

  6. Darth, did you have the popcorn? And if so, what size? And if you didn’t, why not? Did you have pop to go with it? Was there any nudity in the movie? Did you sit in the front row? Did you slouch so the person behind could see? Was traffic heavy or light coming home? Was Gary Bettman in it?

  7. I didn’t have any popcorn – I’m not a big fan of it. I got some peanut butter M&Ms (a weakness of mine) and a large Pepsi. I saw fairly low but cinemas have arena sitting now so there’s no obstructed view…so short people won’t be bothered by me. Except for my awesome handsomeness of course that make them jealous.

    No nudity in the film. Traffic wasn’t too bad. Bettman wasn’t it but he’d make a good Bond villian for sure since he’s so evil.

    The theater was near the Habs practice arena. I drove by the arean but there was no action going on.

    Next movie I’m seeing is Lincoln. Then probably The Hobbit, then Django Unchained.

  8. Danno!!!!! Yay!! And as soon as I saw them doing the Resurrection Shuffle, I knew what you were doing. I think not only players and owners. But the Habs too. Great to hear from you, Danno. My blog is a darker place when you’re away.

  9. Darth, I’m a huge popcorn guy. But every time I eat it, I notice grease marks on my nice shirts.
    The reviews for Lincoln are good so you might love it. Please let me know.
    I should start going to movies more often. I love it but rarely go. And I’d like to say, because I’ve thought about this many times in life, that possibly, my two all-time favourite movies might be Casablanca and Pulp Fiction. But I could easily change my mind. There’s been so many that have swept me away over the years.

  10. I don’t go to movies often either but saw ” Life of Pi” the other day. It was superb. The best I’ve seen in years.

  11. I didn’t think you’d be a Pulp Fiction guy Dennis. That’s awesome. Django Unchained is by Tarantino as well.

    I was mixed on Inglorious Basterds but Christopher Waltz is amazing in it. He won an Oscar for it and it was well deserved.

    My favorite films:

    (In no particular order)

    The Shawshank Redemption, Once Upon A Time In The West, Back To The Future, Strangers On A Train, The Empire Strikes Back, The Good The Bad The Ugly, The Godfather 1 & 2, Goodfellas (if you haven’t seen it, SEE IT!!!).

  12. Darth, Godfather 1 and 2 for sure. Loved Shawshank Redemption, really enjoyed Back to the Future, and I’ve seen Goodfellas and you’re absolutely right – awesome. I’m not a sci-fi guy at all, I get lost easily with these, and it’s just not my thing. Love the old classics from years gone by, and don’t mind at all movies with sub-titles. I like to see other countries on film. I find much of Hollywood stuff crap, but the odd thing comes along that blows me away.

  13. If you’re into action films, you should check out The Raid. It just came out on DVD not that long ago. The John Woo films are pretty amazing as well (Hard Boiled, The Killer, etc).

    The Mad Max movies are pretty damn good too.

    If you’re into crime films and don’t mind accents, you may want to check out Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch (both from England).

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