Eyeballing The Situation

I’m talking about this today because even though it doesn’t matter a hill of beans for you, it’s big for me. If you don’t mind.

I was on Vancouver Island today, in Courtenay, visiting an eye specialist because although I don’t want to get into any details because you have much better things to do than this,¬†my eyesight after an operation has been so bad that when I see people on the street, it looks like their heads are too small. And when I write this blog, the print is so small I’ve had to buy a magnifying glass.

But the doc said today that it’s getting a whole lot better because I’ve been dropping steroids into my eye for a month and all I need to do is continue for a few more months.

So because I’m doing so well with the eye thing, I got drunk.

So that’s it for today. Good night.

11 thoughts on “Eyeballing The Situation”

  1. Hey Dennis,Good on ya bro,nothing wrong with tying one on here and there.I hope all goes well with you and your eyesight.Have a good sleep

  2. No idea that we have yet another thing in common, Dennis. I think this is #3,…..bad eyes… I can certainly sympathise. Good on ya for tying one on and bloggin’. Glad to hear the Doc has an optimistic prognosis for this f*&#$%g conundrum you are experiencing. But, Courtenay?….. you are always welcome.

  3. Thanks, Jan. We were just there until the 3PM ferry so didn’t have time. But I should have called you guys. I thought you were down the highway more.

  4. Dennis, I hope all goes well with your eyes, but those small heads you keep seeing… Are you sure you weren’t just looking at a bunch of Leaf fans?

  5. Hi Dennis, keep putting those drops in your eyes and let us know about your progress-we care!!

    Sometimes a few civilized cocktails are just the thing to promote vibrant health. Stay well, I’ll be checking on you!

  6. With all those steroids, tying up the skates and tying one on, you should be ready for 2014 in Russia.

  7. Thank you, Diane. It’ll be nice to see clearly again. No more eye surgeries for me. Thank you for saying you care.

  8. Hey Dennis, did you know they did a study on rats and found that if the rats drank beer they had better eyesight than the ones that didn’t. The ones that didn’t were given little tiny eyeglasses to help them see where they were going. The boozer rats could see, but stumbled around all over the place because they were so pissed.

    So, you are on to something after all…


  9. Hah! I knew it! That’s why I drink beer. Not because I enjoy, but for my health. It’s like brussel sprouts.

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