9 thoughts on “Eye And Button-Popper”

  1. Hey Dennis,This woman could feed the world with these monsters,kinda sad actually as they are only there as an attention getter.I think she would do better being a goaltender for some hockey team,think of all the shutouts she would get.

  2. Hmm, prettyamazing.

    Dennis, what happened with Milbury? Was the jackass on cbc’s hot stove last night or did they pull his fat ass?

  3. Milbury wasn’t on last night Mayo.

    I’ll admit I love big boobs, but this is just ridiculous. I will admit that it’d be awesome if she flashed me though.

    Picture bringing her home for the holidays to meet the family. Awkward!

  4. Those things must be deflated upon crossing into Ontario…

    To risque for Toronto the good………..

  5. Dennis, something’s wrong with my computer monitor. Some of the images I’m viewing look distorted and much, much bigger in some areas than others.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties, please do not adjust your set. We will attempt to return to our regularly scheduled program as soon as possible. …”


    But seriously Dennis, when I heard there were two really big boobs on your blog I thought for sure you were doing a feature on Chara and Lucic…

    Sorry. I can’t help it.

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