Extra, Extra, Read All About It. Three Winners Chosen In Big Contest

Three lucky people got their names pulled from my hat on the front lawn today to mark the end of our most recent contest involving sending me their picks of towns they’d like to see have Mark Messier and the Stanley Cup come to. Holy Cow. Another Excellent Contest!

So for their troubles, they get to browse through NHL.com stores and pick out something nice for themselves and have a brand new $75 gift certificate to pay with, compliments of the good people at Pepsi, Lay’s, and Gatorade. Team Up and Bring Home the Cup

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to try and I wish everybody could have won.  I also appreciate that you entered because if nobody bothered, it’d make for a pretty lousy contest.

Anyway, the three winners are: Tony, Derry, and Beatnik.

Tony chose the Lake Cowichan Lakers, Derry picked Port Alberni, and Beatnik went with the Dawson Creek Oldtimers.

Congratulations to all three. I’ll be emailing you the numbers to order with.

6 thoughts on “Extra, Extra, Read All About It. Three Winners Chosen In Big Contest”

  1. Congrats to all the winners! It’s good for us too. Because it means we could have three other guys wearing lucky shirts for the playoffs.

  2. Danno, I think you’re onto something. Pepsi, Lays and Gatorade are rooting for the Habs to win the Stanley Cup.

  3. Dennis, please tell Mrs. Kane the white gloves and top hat add a nice formality to drawing the winners.

    You really do things in style!

  4. Thanks, Diane. And one of these days your name will come up too, I’m sure. I’ll just keep on having them until you win. Thanks for the white glove and hat thoughts. I felt my contests needed some flair. Hope you’ll be watching our team tonight.

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