Explosion At The Bell

I’ll take a nice, tidy 10-1 thumping any time. Too bad it wasn’t against Ottawa, Boston, or Toronto, and so what that the cellar-dwelling Avs were truly lousy on this night. It’s still good. Great even.

It’s also too bad it wasn’t against the Columbus Blue Jackets, who demolished the Canadiens 10-0 back on November 4th.

I wouldn’t have minded 12 or 15 goals, because I’m a greedy bastard. But when you see your team rack up six goals in the first period alone, heady thoughts creep in. Like 12 or 15 goals when all is said and done.

Oh, they’re not suppose to rack up the score? Hey, what’s a dozen or so goals among friends?

It was a fine night at the old (opened in 1996) Bell Centre, with Max Pacioretty scoring four times and adding an assist, Tomas Plekanec racking up four helpers, and a whack of others lighting the lamp or helping to light the lamp.

Just too bad Shea Weber didn’t get on the score sheet. He leads that fellow in Nashville by just 1 point (at this writing), and I’d prefer that our guy had a way better year than that guy. Twice as good, Three times even.

It was just one of those nights. The Canadiens were clicking. Max was flying. Alexander Radulov, with a goal and an assist, was inspiring. The fourth line, led by Brian Flynn was two goals, were demons.

It was time for early Ole Ole’s and a late Na Na Na Goodbye. Time for stress-free watching, some chuckles, some completely relaxed viewing of the boys blitzing the Avs.

But then there was the Alexei Emelin low hit on Joe Colborne late in the game that had commentator Gary Galley seething. Galley said there was no need for it. I say hit ’em for 60 minutes, 10 goals or not.

I think Don Cherry pooh-poohed it too. I’m not sure, I wasn’t really paying attention to the old fellow.

And why won’t Emelin fight when the shit hit the fan, asked Galley? Probably because he has metal plates under his left eye, Gary. The guy’s on the team because he’s a bone bruiser, he hits harder than most. It’s his job. What if Colborne had danced around Emelin and caused a crease-crashing that injured Carey Price?

Nope. Stop ’em in his tracks. Old time hockey. Montreal has seven forwards under 6 feet. A little meanness shown by anyone is a welcomed sight in this corner.

Colborne might have his head up next time he waltzes down the right side. And most players from other teams will see it on the news and possibly be a bit more tentative when they come up against Emelin.

Oh, and maybe it was slightly dirty. I don’t give a shit.

A beauty shellacking on home ice. Fifteen goals scored in two games. What a machine!

Bring on the Bruins (Monday).

Random Notes:

Habs scoring went like this:

1st period – Flynn, Pacioretty, Lehkonen, Pacioretty, Byron, Flynn.

2nd period – Radulov, Pacioretty, Petry.

3rd period – Pacioretty


15 thoughts on “Explosion At The Bell”

  1. Amazing game! And the team, at least for the past two games, appears to be playing better or just as good if not better without Galchenyuk and Desharnais. Interesting, eh? And of course I think they’d be fine with Galchenyuk back but it is interesting. But 6 goals in one period! is remarkable. I am not sure if that has been done before ,but here’s some facts about goals and games that might interest you.

    Question: What’s the highest-scoring game by a single player in NHL history?


    Joe Malone, one of the great forwards of the early 20th Century, scored seven goals for the Quebec Bulldogs on January 31st, 1920. The Bulldogs defeated the Toronto St. Pats 10-6. Malone’s record has yet to be equaled.

    Malone also recorded a six-goal game that same season, and had three five-goal games for the Montreal Canadiens in 1917-18.

    Known as “Phantom Joe,” Malone won two Stanley Cups with the Bulldogs in the pre-NHL era, and another with Montreal before retiring in 1924.

    In the NHL’s modern era, two players have come close to Malone’s record by scoring six goals in a game.

    Red Berenson of the St. Louis Blues did it in 1968, and Darryl Sittler of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1976.


  2. Hi Bill. Imagine seven goals like Malone got. Dominate. I remember when Berenson and Sittler did their thing. Sittler ended with ten points that night. Tabarnak. And yes, the Habs have picked it up a notch. But they have to keep it going and look good, win or lose.

  3. PS I had no prb with the Emelin hit either and guess what? Neither did the coach! he said that’s the way Emelin plays he’s been playing that way since he started. When asked whether he would sit down and have a chat with him _ by some birdbrain from the media_ He replied, No, I won’t sit down with him and have a chat. Love him! Eat my words about Patches as well, turns out he had an injury in November. Coach also remarked that they must remain humble as games like this won’t come again. One game at a time. In post game interviews all the guys were level headed. I look forward to seeing Gallagher get a goal. I fear something is bugging him.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Dennis . As April Wine sang ” I like to rock ‘” . Hope the team puts it perspective as they seem to be doing . Rootin” for our boys all the way !

  5. Bill, great to hear that the coach, and you, are okay with the hit too. Emelin was doing his job. If he didn’t hit hard, he wouldn’t be in the big league.

  6. Best stat ever, Colorado 2 shots, Montreal 5 GOALS! My God what a pasting! And I’d like to point out that unlike the Columbus nightmare the habs only scored one of their ten goals on the power play. Now hopefully they have some goals left in the tank for the dastardly BooHooins!

  7. sorry Max for calling you lazy when you showed guts playing with bad foot. You have class for keeping on instead of whining!!

  8. Wouldn’t mind seeing another one of those, eh Dan. They really stepped up, although it was against a bottom feeder. Would love to see them do it against Ottawa etc. Seems like there’s some nice chemistry between Radulov and Max, although I think Rad creates chemistry with whomever he plays with.

  9. Hi Peter. We need Max to play like this from now on. Not expecting goals from him every night, but expecting inspired play. He’s the Captsin, he has to lead.

  10. D-John, a trouncing of the BooHooins would be a beautiful thing. Maybe Emelin will smash a couple of them into Kingdom Come. I know there are lots of Habs fans who don’t like Emelin but I always have. Anyone who can hit like that is okay in my books. It’s not exactly the toughest team out there and he adds some grit. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Weber get a little hotter under the collar.

  11. News flash! Wow Price is mortal pretty soft goal in a tight game. I’m calling a tie with Boston.

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